A Hint of Lemon Zest

I still have my braces on! Turns out that the X-ray of my mouth did not arrive to my orthodontist in time (he needed it before he started removing my braces) thus the metal is still in tact! I will be getting them removed in April though... Hopefully things go according to plan!

As for today, I was able to scrub in and observe a robotic procedure on a patient- so futuristic! Oh how surgery is such an amazing art...though my back started hurting since I was standing up for 5 hours straight! My back is a bit better now probably because I am stressing out about my schedule for next quarter- which begins on Monday! After much debate, I decided to drop my French Conversation class. Although I really want to improve my French, conflicting finals and constant group presentations will only cause me to go insane! I still need to drop one Biology class but I have no idea which one to keep therefore I will be attending both classes during the first week back from Spring Break. By the end of next week, I will decide whether I will drop Microbiology or Neurobiology and Behavior.



Isn't this cute?! Haha.

// Zara Blazer // BP Sweater // DIY Shorts by my mom! // Fiorelli Bag // Hue Socks // Tahari Boots // Chanel Sunglasses //

City of Angels

We finally went to LACMA! 

After putting it off for an extremely long time, my boyfriend and I decided to go there Monday afternoon around 4:30PM. Surprisingly, we saw practically everything on display! I uploaded only some of the pictures that were taken but the main attraction here is, of course, the lights! I believe art aficionados would disagree but honestly, how can you come to LACMA and not take pictures with these lights?! 

I actually recognized this Roy Lichtenstein painting since I was introduced to his work in Arts Core at UCI! I was surprised at how many paintings and pieces of art I actually knew! I have my Arts Core class to thank for exposing me to various artworks from different time eras!


// Zara Dress // Diane von Furstenburg Calf Rhiannon Block Heels // Cara New York Bracelet // Chanel Sunglasses // Dooney & Bourke Bag // Necklace from Macy's //

Mosaic Peacock

My feet received a sandal tan after these pictures were taken! My boyfriend decided to accompany me to school a few weeks ago and we tried to find a good location to take pictures. We found a spot but no photography was allowed so we ended up going on top of a random parking structure with lots of flowers! I look extremely pale in these pictures but trust me, I do possess some color in reality!

I love this dress since I do not have to worry about covering myself up whenever a breeze passes by! As you can see in some of the pictures, this dress has an attached black slip that protects me against any breeze! Besides that, I love the peacock print on this dress!

The Scholar

Please excuse my blogging hiatus! 

The past few two weeks were extremely stressful since I was studying for finals. However, I am officially done with finals for Winter 2011! I have a week off for Spring Break and then it is back to studying! I do not have a set schedule for Spring 2012 or Summer 2012 but I will contemplate over this next week! 

My plan for this short, but WELL DESERVED break, is to relax! I might apply for some scholarships, go shopping with my mom, hang out with my boyfriend, get a TB test so I can start volunteering, and on Friday the 30th, my orthodontist plans on removing my braces!!! I will definitely document this pivotal moment in my life with a plethora of pictures, haha!

It was extremely cold the morning these pictures were taken. It started with just the top from Zara and the skirt my mom made (it's actually a pencil skirt but I pulled it high up!). But I stepped outside, turned back into the house, tossed on the socks and the cape! 



// Zara Peter Pan Collar Shirt // DIY Skirt made by my mom // Hue Socks // Franco Sarto Oxfords // Betsey Johnson Zebra Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Saks Fifth Avenue Gold Ring // Vince Camuto Bracelet //