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Hello lovelies!
These pictures were taken last week but I did not have any time to upload them...To all those who celebrated Vietnamese/Chinese New Year, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Anyways, I have been quite busy and stressed out with school. In addition to that, I am on the hunt for a job (preferably a tutoring job at a school) and more volunteering opportunities. I used to volunteer at the hospital (in high school) and I will be applying to that same hospital again... that is, after I finish writing up my resume. Furthermore, my friend recently told me about two clubs at school that deal with music, arts and healing- I contacted both and I am now waiting for a reply. I also joined Sigma Alpha Pi this week! I wanted to complete the induction requirements this quarter but I missed the Orientation and I do not have any time to attend the required seminars... Hopefully I can finish all the requirements by Week 6 of Spring Quarter!

 I cannot believe that I am done with my third week of school! Time sure flies... but this means that I have less than 2 weeks to study for my midterms! I have my Physics midterm on Wednesday and Cell Biology on that following Friday! I must use my time wisely and concentrate on studying as much as I can!

Tewinkle Park

I cannot believe that this Monday will mark my third week back in school! 
School is flying by so fast and I wish I had more time to do things that are not related to school. I have Physics Homework every week and the first homework assignment took forever to finish since it was based on application of concepts. In addition to that, I have weekly Cell Biology quizzes. 

Although I have a pretty packed schedule with school, studying, volunteering, and researching, I still need a job. Maybe I will find one within this quarter? I want a job that requires interaction with other people and so far the only thing I can find is tutoring. I looked online at my school's Career Center website and there are a lot of openings for tutoring however, they require me to go to my tutee's home. Even though I want to help others with their work, I am not comfortable with working in the vicinity of their home. I watch too much news and I read too much on 

Jonathan is starting school on Monday (Lunar New Year) so we will start seeing less of each other ): His semester schedule seems a bit scary and intense... but we will find time to see each other! Anyways, he finds interesting locations to take pictures however, my outfits contradict the weather. It's usually cold and we usually have to walk in dirt or on hills... I was literally shivering the entire time we spent outside!

Potato Lover

I survived the first week back at school! It felt amazing to be immersed in the scholastic atmosphere again. But after one week, I already feel behind. I am quite glad I have a three day weekend this week so I can catch up! I cannot believe that I am already behind! I have Physics homework due on Wednesday and an online Cell Biology Quiz that is also due on Wednesday! 

Physics is different this quarter because my homework questions are no longer book based. The questions are now based on concepts and applications which I must admit, I hate with passion. Anyways for Cell Biology, I now attend both lectures to fully grasp and absorb the material. In addition to that, I record lectures so I do not miss any bit of information!

As for the outfit, I found this jacket in the back of my closet and honestly does look like a potato sack. However, it is extremely comfortable and warm!

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Hello everyone!

Today was my first day back at school for Winter Quarter and I must say that the thrill of getting ready for school struck me once again... Deciding what outfit to wear, getting together all my supplies (iClicker, voice recorder, notebook, laptop, pens), stuffing all of this into my bag, eating on the go, attempting not to be late to any of my classes, and of course the learning experience! Oh, Winter Break, you made me lazy! 

My first class was Physics and my instructor seems extremely interested in Electricity and Magnetism! For classes that revolve around numbers and formulas, I learn best when Professors write everything out on chalk boards or tablets; I found that I miss a lot of valuable information when professors merely provide power points. So I am definitely glad he takes the time to write out his lecture notes on the board. 

My next and last class of the day was Cell Biology. Most Biology classes at UCI consist of two professors. For this class, I have a German and Scottish professor! They seem really enthusiastic and iClicker questions do not count so I can attend an earlier lecture! However the material for the class is hard and the grading is pretty harsh too. My midterm counts toward 40% of my grade and my final, 50%. 

Let the mayhem begin.

Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park

I am excited that school is starting next week but I do not want the stress that goes along with it to consume me. 

I am currently continuing my research by reading articles online and I will be going to clinic tomorrow. Furthermore, I am applying for a scholarship and I decided to take a break from writing my personal statement to blog!

As for last minute shopping I must do before the new quarter begins... I need to buy a new laptop case because it seems as if my current one is about to break (the handles). I would also like to buy some perfume for the new year!

Undertow - Warpaint

Above is a picture of the last sunset of 2011. 

// Fire Los Angeles from Nordstrom Dress Worn as Skirt // Zara Basic Sweater // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Necklace from Macy's // BCBG Max Azria Boots // Adrienne Vittadini Bag // Chanel Sunglasses //