Jungle Fever

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Now it's time to get ready for New Years! 
I have been shopping a lot lately and I will miss this freedom once school starts again. My schedule for next quarter does not seem as dense as previous quarters... but then again the material will definitely be more difficult than any other quarter. 

Winter break is way too short even though it's a month long this year! 

Echo - Jason Walker

// Cynthia Rowley Vest // Kooba Bag // Seychelles Heels // Chanel Sunglasses //

Tip Toe Through The Moment

It's Christmas Eve! 
I bet a lot of people will still be out finding presents tomorrow! Shuffling in with the holiday crowd, getting frustrated due to the lack of parking, drinking Starbucks to keep warm, and trying to get presents everyone would like... But as for me, I am officially done with present shopping! 

On another note, it has been extremely windy for the past few days and I was literally "blown away by the wind!" Don't get me wrong...I love cool breezes in the Springtime! The slight puff of air that is able to move my hair or my light-weight dress and makes me want to run is a field of grass is delightful. However the Santa Ana winds that are hitting Orange County are extremely powerful and can literally "knock you off your feet."

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas just in case I do not have another post before or on Christmas Day!


Secrets- One Republic Violin and Piano Cover 

// Seventy Two Changes Cardigan // Zara Pink Trousers // Chinese Laundry Rose Heels // Z Spoke Zac Posen "Zac Sac" Satchel // Accessories: Macy's, Nordstrom & rings from Los Angeles// Chanel Sunglasses // 

A Pink Encounter

I volunteered with the Recuperative Program today and I saw fewer patients this week than last week but I still got to practice taking vitals! Anyways, there was a holiday event at the location I volunteer today and other volunteers gave out food & clothes. When I got back home, I realized that I have clothes in my trunk that I wanted to donate! I 
I keep on forgetting but I will be stopping by a Salvation Army this week.

Afterward, I went around with my mom but we did not purchase anything. We then returned home and I went out with my boyfriend. We went to Pier 1 Imports to look for a candle sconce but they did not carry anything appealing.

Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy

// Zara Trousers // DIY Pink Cardigan // Fergie Heels // Kooba Bag // Zara Coat // Chanel Sunglasses //

Here's my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel! 
I think it looks a little too big on me so I might return it. I believe the blue one on display in the Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island is smaller than this black one. Since the small one only comes in blue or taupe, I might settle for the taupe one... Although I adore all the details on this particular handbag, I am not content with the size on the bag; I just wish it was a bit smaller! 

Last quarter, my hair and fashion sense at school was a complete mess. I was always late and my classes were far apart. However, that will all change this upcoming quarter! I plan on giving my hair a natural curly look everyday since it's much easier than trying to keep my hair straight! Furthermore, since I am only at school for 3 hours on Monday and Friday and only 1 hour on Tuesday, I will be able to dress up and wear high heels again!


Christmas is EIGHT days away and it seems as if everyone procrastinated on their holiday shopping. Yes, I happen to also fall under that category.

Anyways, my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel arrived at Neiman Marcus and I have it sitting in front of me but it seems way too big... I'm pretty short so it seems like a traveling/doctor's bag... I believe it exists in a smaller size so I plan on returning to the store to ask them to order that one. I spent quite some time at Fashion Island and as of now, I only have my boyfriend's present completely finished. PANIC MODE ON!

As my mom and I were walking around Fashion Island, it started raining! I left my umbrella in the car thinking that it would not rain so my mom and I ended up taking refuge in a store.

I usually have my sunglasses on for my outfit posts since my eyes are so small but I decided not to wear them at all today since the sun was no where in sight! 

Les Souvenirs- Joyce Jonathan

// Zara Dress // Zara Coat // Michael Kors Boots // Scarf from Nordstrom // Saks Fifth Avenue Hat/Beanie // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Kooba Bag //

The Christmas tree in front of Bloomingdales at Fashion Island!

Grades came out yesterday and I did better than I expected! 
Last Quarter, I had two finals and midterms on the same day so that impacted my score since I had to balance Physics and Human Physiology. I crammed as much as I could for those two classes since the final for those classes fell on the Monday of Finals Week. After those two finals, I went home and attempted to study for my Art Final the following day but I was too tired. So I woke up and studied 10 weeks worth of material in 4 hours... 

But enough about last quarter! I will be taking Physics 3B, Cell Biology, and Research next quarter! I am currently on the wait list for Diversity in Medicine and Physics 3B Lab... hopefully I get into at least one of them! I'm aiming for straight A's next quarter (no A-'s!). I really want to increase my GPA to the max!

Dress last seen here: Feelin` A Little Brown

Swanning Over You

Bonjour mes amis! 
This is the outfit I wore to clinic today! Anyways, after clinic, I decided to head over to the library to do some research. I eventually found the journal I was looking for and took pictures of the pages I needed; I was too hungry to sit there and read/take notes on the information.  Little did I know that it started pouring outside! I had to run toward the shuttle stop to escape the rain but I had to be cautious since I was running on wet cobblestone streets with heels! 

I will be assisting on a pig surgery so I might have a post in my scrubs tomorrow! 


Skinny Love- Birdy 

// Alberto Makali Jacket // Forever 21 Tank Top // Leifsdottir Skirt // Tulle Jacket from Nordstrom // Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses // Betsey Johnson Necklace // B. Makowsky Heels //

Skirt last seen in this post: Swan Lake
Jacket last seen here: Breathe Easy

Call of the Wild

Don't you guys just love the atmosphere during Christmas? 
Christmas decor lighting up the night, chilly weather that requires a nice cup of hot chocolate with those cute little marshmallows, the opportunity to finally wear fur (in California), the hectic last minute shopping everyone does, putting up the Christmas tree and deciding what ornaments to buy or make, the Christmas movies on the television... oh the list goes on. 

Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping all day long! We spent the majority of our time at Fashion Island and it was crowded; lots of dogs too! I love how people decide to dress up just to walk around with their dogs. I will be spending more time there this holiday season and I will possibly take pictures outdoors!

Even with all this Christmas cheer, I believe everyone should give thanks to what we have. I know, Thanksgiving passed but I volunteered with the Recuperative Care Program today and it made me realize how much I actually take for granted. Think of all the homeless people, especially those who have medical conditions or those who are unable to walk, who are out in the cold alleys this holiday season while everyone else is in an insulated home with family and friends. Just remember to give thanks to what you have. 

I took this picture in Neiman Marcus but this picture does not do this outfit justice. It looks 100 times better in person. The lighting in the store (near the door) was off and my camera could not correct it...

After Fashion Island, my mom and I stopped by to buy some seaweed and mochi! I decided to take some pictures near the front of the store because cameras are prohibited inside.



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