12 Hours of Shopping: Last Free Weekend

Hey Everyone! I started school on Thursday and the work load already seems like a pain. I have two midterms on October 14th, the day before my birthday, in Human Physiology and Physics! I definitely need to manage my time and use it wisely. 

My first class was Arts on Thursday and I met some people in there. So far, it seems really similar to the Music class I took. Listening to music, interpreting art pieces and weekly quizzes, hooray! Fortunately the midterm for this class is on October 27th!

On Friday, I started my day with Human Physiology. I came around 5 minutes early and all of the seats in front were taken! So I sat in the back which was quite annoying since people kept on piling in. There was a herd of people sitting on the steps and standing by the doors, no kidding! The maximum amount of people in the class is 332 but a lot of people are still trying to add. I definitely need to arrive to school earlier on Monday! Afterwards, I went home since my feet were killing me (I wore high heels). Then I went back to school for Physics and it was also packed. My professor got right to business and started giving us the "basics" of physics. 

As for today, I spent the entire day shopping. My ultimate goal was to find wedges that were comfortable so I could actually wear them to school. Some of my shoes are comfortable however UCI has a lot of hills so my shoes leave my feet blistered and sore! I was unable to find any that looked pretty and were comfortable so I came home without any shoes...but that doesn't mean I didn't buy anything else! I post up my recent purchases soon so stay tuned :D

My mom made this dress for me! It's a bit too short if I wear it by itself so I threw on a coat! I am planning on selling clothes soon- handmade by my mom! So be on the look out!

I am starting to develop bags under my eyes again ): Now that school is starting, they'll start getting bigger! This is a picture I took before I scurried off to research. 

Blue Diamonds

The outfit I wore to my first day of researching.
 I tried to get in contact with the head researching guy but all my attempts failed so I decided to drive up there to see if I could meet him in person but that failed too...But it's understandable since he's on call therefore he's super busy and every moment of freedom is a chance to just sit back and relax.

I cannot believe that school is starting already! I'm really going to miss my lazy summer days. Luckily, I only have one class tomorrow but it starts at 3:30PM so the traffic getting there will be a real pain- especially from all the kids coming home from school. To add to the pain of that horrid adventure that is awaiting me, parking at UCI, particularly in Zone 3, sucks. Guess I have to leave home extra early... yay!

Anyways, my first class: ARTS CORE
I'm just taking it to finish my G.E.'s once and for all! Then I can concentrate on all my core classes. 

//Jaloux Top // I.N.C. Pants // Jimmy Choo Blythe Bag // BCBG Max Azira Heels // Chloe Sunglasses // Forever 21 Bracelet // Saks Ring //

Playing With Stripes


I thought I would update my blog with this outfit even though I didn't wear this today. For the past two days, the weather in California has been amazing - quite cold actually however, it is heating up again. 

I love this heart clutch since it looks like Judith Leiber's Heart N Soul bag. Sure, you can't carry a lot in it but it does look cute!

I went to look for scrubs today and I found a top that fits perfectly but the pants looked very child-like since it had an enormous elastic band on the back. I only tried one store today so I will probably search for some more later on in the week. 

 // Jaloux dress // Betsey Johnson Necklace // White Swirl Necklace and Gold Bracelet from Macy's // BCBG Max Azira Heels // 

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Butterfly Conservatory

Hey everyone!
 I have been unable to update my blog since my camera ran out of batteries but my loving and ever so thoughtful boyfriend bought me batteries; thank you Jonathan! I will try to update as much as I can before school consumes me. I still cannot believe that school is starting next week! I'm really going to miss sleeping in, eating at random hours, and having the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want to.

I am excited about the research I will be doing with Dr. Imagawa! I started my first day last week and my research coordinator? (I'm really not sure what I should call him) showed me the clinic and how I will be able to interact with medical students and doctors! Although he lags in responding to my texts, he replied saying that I can help with a bunny surgery next week! I hope he replies to my returning text soon since I really want to witness a surgery - hopefully with a human soon too!

I went to school today to buy my textbooks and it felt nice to be back on campus. The atmosphere made me feel exhilarated! Haha total nerd. But my oh my were my books expensive... At least my Physics book can be utilized for an entire year!

// Hype Green Bag // BCBG Max Azira Heels // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Necklace from Nordstrom // Bracelet from Macy's // 

FNO 2011

Hey Guys! 
As promised, here are some pictures I took during Fashion's Night Out! I charged 8 batteries for my Canon Powershot and they all died! ALL EIGHT! So the pictures below were all taken from the camera in my phone. I will post more pictures soon!

What's the first thing I did? I attended Saks Fifth Avenue's Fashion's Night Out Fashion Show! The clothes for Autumn look amazing... lots of fur, fuchsia, and sheer fabrics! Oh I forgot to mention.... I sat front row !!! (:

Too bad most of the pictures from the fashion show turned out blurry.

My mom bought me an FNO tee shirt !

Below are some of the looks from the night. 

Here is what I wore to FNO. I will have a more detailed post about my outfit soon!

I created an account a long time ago but I am finally using it !

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