Tick Tick

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I cannot wait until finals are over. I just want to relax and go to Big Bear! 
This picture was taken during my senior year in high school when I went to French Camp with my AP French class. The scenery was breath-taking and the quality of air in higher altitudes is definitely much better!

My interview with a doctor I really want to research for was cancelled twice. Third times a charm, right? My rescheduled interview is after my finals so I have more time to prepare and hopefully this interview actually occurs. Hopefully I have more interviews in the near future for various things! Just two more weeks of intense studying until I can breathe.

I might not have any outfit posts due to the amount of material I have to cram in before FINALS!

Freedom of Movement

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I went shopping with my mom today and finding parking was HORRIBLE. It was horrible not just because of the long wait but because of an impolite man driving a truck! I was signaling for a car and the truck, BEHIND ME, went in front of me, backed up, and signaled for that very same car! I honked but that did not stop him... UGH. That man.... BUT. I ended up buying a beautiful two finger ring that I will feature in an upcoming post and my mom bought new sunglasses from Chloe.

Last weekend of freedom.

I will be signing up for classes on Monday for Fall Quarter and it seems like I will be taking RUSSIAN!

(Hello in Russian)!

I wanted to take French but the final conflicts with my core classes which seem to be only Cell Biology and Physics at the moment ... I really want to take Human Physiology and Biology: Upper Division Writing but they are currently full.

There was also this class that sounded extremely interesting: "Love and Danger" which is in under the French category! But again, it conflicted with my other finals. Maybe Winter Quarter! I really want to improve my French! Even though I took four years of French in high school, I am not very proficient in speaking. My University used to offer French Communications but it isn't listed in the course catalog anymore. 

Choose Wisely

Picture of Santa Ana way back when.., 

Like always, school is taking up a majority of my time.
I am enrolling for classes soon and I have no idea what Upper Division Biology Courses I should take. There are so many options that I honestly cannot decide. I used to plan my schedule beforehand but I have learned that it is pointless and a waste of time since I never get into the classes I want. Therefore I usually plan my schedule the day before my enrollment window. Not the best idea, but it has worked for me.

Attending a well known research University means that one is obligated to participate in research. I have emailed so many professors regarding research opportunities and only two have offered me an interview. The rest have either moved, do not have any room for new researchers, do not want undergraduates, or are not interested with the pancreas (what I am interested in). Even though researching is "required", I actually want to do further research on the pancreas with a mentor- preferably a gastroenterologist! 

Cross my fingers!

For the interviews I do have, I will spend my weekend reading their publications and reconstructing my resume AND I have to study for my Organic Chemistry Midterm!

Both of the doctors I who want to interview me seem very nice! I hope they like me! 
But if they do, I can only pick one! Only one is currently registered with the Biology 199 series at my university. If I decided to choose the other doctor, I would have to convince the dean of my school to provide him with a class/course code!

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Shopping for a Mother's Day Present was extremely HARD. 
I will definitely start earlier next year! I ended up waking up early the day of Mother's Day to buy something for my mom (:

Part of the gift included flowers! They bloomed right when my mom placed them in water and they are still standing strong!


Delirious Spots

I decided to do some Mother's Day shopping today but it was definitely unsuccessful. I tried following my mom around to see if she really liked anything but she ended up buying what she wanted... I have no idea what I should get for my mom. Roses just seems like the typical thing everyone gets for their mother. I would like to get something else IN ADDITION to roses.  

My mom got me the necklace featured in this post! We stumbled upon this necklace in the accessories section at Nordstrom Rack in Metro Pointe. I told my mom that I did not need it and it was my mission to find her something by the end of the day but my mom said, "NO! It's cheap... Just get it." Haha. Gotta love my mom (:

If I saw these pants 1 year ago, I highly doubt I would have purchased it. If I wear pants, I usually wear just plain colors: black, white, navy, periwinkle... never any pants with prints! But times change and even though people give me strange looks on the street, I really do not care. Why try to blend in? Live every day like it is a fashion show. 

// Theory Sleeveless Top // Zara Printed Trousers // BCBG Max Azira Heels // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Forever 21 Bracelet // Unknown Necklace from Nordstrom Rack //



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