Black Friday was pure madness. 
My mom and I decided to go early since Macy's opened at midnight and we assumed that it would be empty but OMG! Parking was scarce at South Coast Plaza and the shoe section at Macy's was horrible; we were literally touching shoulder to shoulder! I got sick on Thursday but I still decided to go shopping at midnight..I called my boyfriend and told him to come join the madness. He said he wouldn't but he showed up when I got back home!  Anyways, I  drank some Theraflu when I got home and slept until 2PM! When I woke up, my mom and I went shopping again! The parking and the lines were horrible, every store was a mess, and there were just way too many people in the way for me to comfortably look through the items I wanted. Even though it was hectic, we still bought a bag and clothes- can't wait to blog about it (:

And since BLACK FRIDAY is now over, it's time to put my scholar hat back on and study for finals! I have two finals on the 5th and one on the 6th so I have to start learning the material so I don't have to cram at the end. But then again, I usually stay up till 3AM before  each major exam...


// Cynthia Rowley Vest // Zara Sweater // Ralph Lauren Blouse // Macy's Necklace // Chanel Sunglasses // David Buffalo Pants // Michael Kors Boots // Badgley Mischka Bag //

Here are pictures I took at a local bakery! They look good but I don't know if they taste good :P

Consacré à l'étude

Hello everyone! Aren't you excited about the holiday season?! Thanksgiving is next week but I only have an extra two days off whereas students from other schools get the entire week off! I'm so jealous, haha! Anyways finals are coming up and I am starting to feel stressed again. There's so much information to know and just not enough time to study. Thank gosh I have extra time next week!

For this outfit post, my new hat is featured in only some pictures since I bought my hat today! I immediately popped it on for pictures after my shopping extravaganza- the tag was still on it! Anyways, I believe this hat was an amazing find. I was so shocked to find out that its final price was ONLY $6.99.... I bought a lot more things today and I will be sharing it with everyone soon! Hopefully I have time to snap some outfit pictures next week! I will probably do more shopping on BLACK FRIDAY!




// Zara Peter Pan Collar Shirt // Highway Jeans // Seychelles High Heels // Macy's Style Lab Hat // Jimmy Choo Blythe Bag // Forever 21 Bracelet // Chanel Sunglasses // Betsey Johnson Necklace //

Running Around for Research

Hello! I started my day EXTREMELY early but it was DEFINITELY worth it!

 I asked the people I research for if I could observe a live open surgery and they said YES! It was an AMAZING experience. Although I could not see much at times, being in that environment was just thrilling however, the OR can get pretty hectic. They first performed a laparoscopy where they took some biopsies which further led to the open surgery. They removed the patient's gallbladder and it was such a different experience seeing an organ in person as opposed to seeing it on television. Afterwards, they took some x-rays and performed a nanoknife procedure to remove the cancerous tumors on the patient's liver. I was able to stand in close proximity to the patient, closer than the distance in the picture below, so I actually smelt the burning of these tumors- It is a strong, STRONG odor. 

This picture is small but if you zoom in, you can see that there is a piece of tumor on one of the utensils on the sterile table. There's just so many names for the utensils... the one that stuck with me is the mosquito! I took my pictures far away since I did not want to be in anyone's way (: 

I then went off to school but I went back to research for a mandatory meeting in the evening- right after class! I have chosen to do my research on distal pancreatectomy & the Whipple procedure and its relationship to diabetes. It would be a great honor to be published or produce a paper that could potentially be included in a journal... Anywho, talk about a long day. My back hurts like hell but my feet are fine. Quite the contrary to what usually occurs. 

Until next time...

Butterscotch Latte

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! I went to a research meeting that evening and I brainstormed ideas for a project with the doctors. I am going to build my research around the pancreas- pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and possibly it's relation to breast cancer. I will begin researching this weekend and I will present this information to the doctors in 2 weeks!

This past week has been hectic since I have been studying for my second midterm in Physics. At the end, when it was time to turn in our tests, we all got up and waited to hand it into the TA's. Unfortunately, my class is huge (400+ students) so cheating is imminent. Everyone was talking about how hard the exam was when  a guy from the back  of the room suddenly yelled, "CHEATERS! DR. WU, THEY'RE CHEATING!" The room instantly became quiet and everyone turned toward the back. All eyes were looking in the direction the furious guy was pointing to. My friend was also back there and according to her, she said that once the professor got there, the accused cheaters said that they did not cheat nor did they have any intention of copying each other. What did he do? He supposedly let them go. If they did cheat, I hope they got caught. The test was hard and no one had time to finish, seriously. In addition to that, this class is graded on a curve so everyone pretty much wants to kill everyone else for their grade. 

Anyways, I am now 3 chapters behind in Human Physiology (5 lectures) and I'm already 1 chapter behind in Physics! I need to catch up soon! Thankfully there's no school next Friday! Time to catch up and relax a bit! I did lots of shopping today and I cannot wait to post up pictures with my new goodies!



// Zara Dress // Seychelles Heels // Badgley Mischka Bag // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Chanel Sunglasses //



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