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Hello lovelies! I have been away from my blog due to my heavy workload. I took a midterm for my Statistics class last week and I have another one on Thursday! That's right... ANOTHER midterm! Then right after that, I have a project for my music class and then it's finals week for Summer Session! Summer Session is only 5 weeks long so everything is crammed in however, I am glad I have 10 days off before the "real" school year begins on September 22!

Currently listening to Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

// Rumors Shirt // I.N.C. pants // Harajuku Lovers Heels // Jimmy Choo Blythe Bag // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Forever 21 Orange Bracelet // Blue and Red Bracelets from Vietnam // Necklace from Nordstrom // Chanel Sunglasses //

 AT ZARA: I immediately fell in love with this skirt when I tried it on so I had to get it! I loved the shirt but I do not think it was worth $100.. I think there are better looking and better quality blouses out there so I will continue my search for the perfect white blouse. 

 I tried on this skirt second and I was indifferent about it. Although the color blocking looks amazing, the skirt as a whole made my hips look really big (not apparent in the picture). 

So I have been frantically studying for midterms and on the weekend before the exam, Jonathan was working on my closet! My mom wanted to expand it or rather make one side dedicated toward shoes so he built in a shoe rack for us! Thank you so much Jonathan! 

I will upload the "finished" picture later!

I am planning to read The Memoirs of Hector Berlioz during my spare time. As according to one of the editorial reviews of the book: 
 "His book is both an account of his important place in the rise of the Romantic movement and a personal testament. He tells the story of his liaison with Harriet Smithson, and his even more passionate affairs of the mind with Shakespeare, Scott, and Byron. Familiar with all the great figures of the age, Berlioz paints brilliant portraits of Liszt, Wagner, Balzac, Weber, and Rossini, among others. And through Berlioz's intimate and detailed self-revelation, there emerges a profoundly sympathetic and attractive man, driven, finally, by his overwhelming creative urges to a position of lonely eminence."

My professor read an excerpt from this memoir and it was definitely intriguing. I felt the pain Berlioz was experiencing through his descriptive statements and cries of anguish. Hopefully the entire book is as good as that small excerpt. 

Rose Meringue

Awkward arm position! Haha

// Zara Top // Chanel Sunglasses // Inge Bag // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Almost Famous Shorts //

Hello all!
 I have been away from my blog ever since I began Summer Session. I am taking Statistics and Introduction to Music. Each class is 3 hours long so I feel extremely tired by the end of the day. 
My Statistics class is exciting since I am actually learning new material and the professor is French! Oui Oui! I wanted to get to know her during office hours however I have class during her open time slot. On the contrary, Music is getting quite boring. I've played music for practically my entire life so the material my professor presents is a lot of review- rhythm and pulse. I was extremely surprised at how non-musicians are unable to hear specific beats such as off-beats and other technical details. All the musicians had the same expression- the "SERIOUSLY?" expression. Haha. We did listen to an interesting song today. I'll post up the MP3 once I find it.

 Anyways, Music is a relaxing class that I don't need to stress about! Yay! I just sit in the back and listen or drift off into space. *As a side note, I usually sit in the back of all my general education classes and in the front of my core classes. Even though that class is relaxing, the room has no windows and no air conditioning- the system in the entire Music and Multimedia building is broken! 

Until next time...



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