Frolicking in The Garden

Hello! I have been busy upholstering chairs and just relaxing so my blog has been quiet empty. Thank you Jonathan for helping my mom and I paint and reupholster our chairs and table! Besides that, I have been doing a lot of shopping with my mom and hanging out with Jonathan! I will post pictures of our adventures in a separate post. 

I volunteered with the Recuperative Program today and we saw a total of 5 patients. The floor manager of the day was really nice even though I bombarded him with questions regarding research and upper division Biology classes. Due to patient privacy, I cannot reveal any names but I will say that one of the patients truly inspired me. He, I'll call him Joe, experienced a stroke in July that impaired the speech region in his brain. Although it takes Joe longer to inform others about his feelings and needs, he pushes through and is determined to get better. His room was littered with books and there was a Webster's Dictionary: Third Edition lying on his table. Even though his inability to communicate fluently frustrates him, his will power to get through this memory impairment is amazing. 

// Handmade Dress by my Mom // Green Heels // Kate Spade Bag // Chanel Sunglasses  //

Spots of Serendipity

This is what I wore on Saturday to go shopping with my mom. It is quite exciting at the mall right now since there are so many things are on sale but the parking at South Coast is terrible during the weekends. Even though it was pretty hectic last weekend, I purchased a lot from Zara and Loehmann's. I went back today with my boyfriend to find an umbrella at Loehmann's but the color I wanted was sold out! Better luck next time!

// Zara Red Blouse // Zara Tank Top // Zara Polka Dot Shorts // BCBG Max Azira Heels // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Chanel Sunglasses //

I uploaded the picture right side up but Blogger decided to rotate it 90 degrees... 
This was the first batch of things I decided to sell. I went to two different "recycled clothing" stores and they bought most of my things - minus the brown maxi skirt. It was a gift that I never wore and now it is back in my drawer. I will probably make a donation pile soon!

I have many more things to sell so I will be going back there soon!

Hats off to you!

I am planning on selling my bulk of clothes tomorrow to a consignment store. Not sure which location but there are 3 prospective stores I want to visit. In addition to that, I will be looking for boxes and tags so I can finally start selling bracelets! I made a PAYPAL account and a temporary website- via Tumblr! I'm really excited!

// INC Side Bow Tie Shirt // Zara Pleated Shorts // Reaction by Kenneth Cole Heels // Dooney and Bourke Bag // Lucky Bracelet //Chanel Sunglasses // Badgley Mischka Hat // 

The Fourth

This was my Independence Day outfit! I really wanted to pull off the American Flag look but as I was looking through my closet for clothes, I realized that I do not own any red pants. So I found this striped blue shirt and I paired it with a white skirt. To complete the look, I decided to pull out this red Dooney and Bourke bag. It has been a while since I've worn it. Actually, many things in my closet have yet to be worn. Yesterday morning, I started picking out things to sell and donate. I only went through half of my drawers and I pulled out a ton of things - some of which still contain their original tags! I will spend the rest of the week looking through the rest of my things and finding consignment stores to sell them to!

Would anyone be interested in purchasing bracelets like the ones pictured in this post?

I walked through Target before the fireworks started shooting in the sky and I did receive many stares. I was just trying to show how much America means to me ! Next year, I might pull off an American Flag dress. We'll just have to wait and see!

// H&M Button Up Shirt // Forever 21 Tank Top // Hollister Skirt // Dooney & Bourke Red Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // 

The next few pictures were taken during my trip to the Los Angeles Fashion District. My phone usually produces pictures with amazing resolution (for a camera phone) but it was acting strange the day I decided to utilize it. 

I felt fine throughout the day even though I did not consume anything but when I got home and started eating, the consequences emerged. As I was walking through the Fashion District with my mom, I became very thirsty and my mom was holding her mug,which I assumed contained an ice cold beverage, so I decided to take a sip of it. To my dismay, my mom decided to put coffee into it. So I was dehydrated and the street vendors sold hot water since the ice surrounding the water bottles completely melted - darn you scorching sun! So I spent the rest of my day at home sneezing and burning up from heat exhaustion and possibly a minor heat stroke.   

Dana Point

My boyfriend, Jonathan, and I decided to go out and I told him that I did not want to go to the beach since I burn and tan easily. So we got into the car and he drove toward Corona Del Mar. We passed by many boutiques and antique stores- some I want to check out in the future. After driving for some time, we ended at Dana Point! Even though I was near the ocean, it felt nice to have the wind run through my hair. It was really calm and serene which made it the perfect opportunity to take pictures. The bit of sunlight I was exposed to was definitely worth it.

 I like the color of my hair in this picture!
Sorry I cut your shadow out of this picture Jonathan! It just looked awkward... <3

// Fire Dress // BP Cardigan // Fiorelli Bag //Chanel Sunglasses // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring //  



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