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I really love the weather! I have caught up with Organic Chemistry but I am still behind in BioChemistry, Writing, and Lab. I went shopping at Stein Mart with my mom today. There are some amazing finds in there but there are also many things you want to just skip over. Haha.

// Free People Boxy Jacket // BCBG Max Azira Blouse // Anne Klein Belt // Zara Boots // Chanel Sunglasses //


The heat continues to attack Southern Californians. The streets were really empty today! I was really surprised... sure there were those who chose to engage in sports under the glazing sun but there were many others who walked around air-conditioned shops. I went to Nordstrom Rack with my mom today and she bought a dress- it looks really pretty on her! We then went to a travel agency to look for tickets... no luck though. Tickets are getting really hard to find this time of year. 

I glued that heart onto the ring piece since it kept on falling off ;D

This dress is comfortable and very versatile - it also kept me cool under the heat. I chose to pair this dress with black knee highs and military boots just to add a little something extra. I also paired this with a nature inspired necklace. Why? None of my other necklaces matched my dress! 

I wasn't ready for the picture above !

// Dress made by my mom // Bamboo Socks // Zara Boots // Fossil Necklace // Ring bought in LA // Chanel sunglasses //

Secret Garden

Today was extremely hot and humid in Southern California. I wore jeans, a tee shirt, scarf, and my high heeled military boots to lab. I thought I was going to be late but I arrived five minutes early! Lab went by really fast today but we had to split up into groups. My partner and I finished within half an hour but we had to wait for the other group. Something occurred within their mechanism so they only got air through gas chromatography. My partner and I eventually took data and graphs from different people.

I went to the library to find more books about either Sir Frederick Grant Banting or Paul Langerhans. However, my search failed. The call numbers for the books led me to dermatology books.. I am debating on who I should research on: Banting or Langerhans. Both seem like interesting figures but I prefer Langerhans. However, I cannot find any print biographies about him...

I changed once I got home since it was extremely humid. I believe my weekends will be a great time to update my blog; I rarely have any more free time. 3 Day weekend! Anyways, I had an orthodontist appointment today and my ortho accidentally plucked off one of the metal pieces on my teeth. I was only supposed to be there for ten minutes but that soon turned into an hour. I actually fell asleep... TWICE! Seriously. Haha. I was incredibly tired.

// B. Makowky Heels // Necklace from Macy's // Chanel Sunglasses // Dress from Nordstrom Rack //


Camera problems. Laptop problems. 
1. My Canon PowerShot SX110 IS runs on 2 AA batteries and the 6 rechargeable ones I have are pretty much dead. I have yet to buy them... I will probably go this weekend. I also have to buy AAA batteries for my voice recorder! My voice recorder is my savior!  I record my OChem and BioChem lectures just in case I miss anything my professor says. It is seriously one of the "best" investments I have made during my college life. Without it, I would be missing a lot of important information! 

2. My laptop has been weird to say the least. It was running on a temporary profile and nothing seemed to work. My boyfriend managed to semi-fix it. My files and everything are on my laptop and I can finally save my work without the fear that it will not be there the next time I turn my laptop on! Some extra clicks here and there but I'm glad to have my laptop "back."

Done with my first week of school! I cannot believe that it's already week 2! 

My Organic Chemistry professor sounds like Morgan Freeman, mind you his name is Professor Freeman and my boyfriend says that he looks a bit like Albert Einstein! He seems really nice. I have been reading the book and I hope to find questions to ask him soon! I would really love to get to know him!

My Bio-Chemistry Professor sounds a bit like former President George W. Bush. He also seems nice and very reasonable. His office hours are all over the place and I should get to those BioChem problems... 

My Writing and Rhetoric instructor is really care-free and easy to talk to! I met with her at Starbucks today just to introduce ourselves to each other. Research project... I have to pick a person by Friday. I think I will be researching on Sir Frederick Grant Banting, the discoverer of insulin. I also had William Harvey, Charles Darwin, and Coco Chanel but these people are well known. 
Banting = insulin = pancreas = pancreatits = a condition I have

Lab... I had lab last Friday and my partner seems nice. My TA seems like a harsh grader. Boo. I hope she is easier than she looks! The experiment portion of the lab went well. I just have to write the discussion now...

//Zara Vest // BP Sweater // Ugg Boots // Chanel Sunglasses //


Rebellious School Girl


Oh the new year! Hopefully this year will be better than the last! I used to make New Year's Resolutions for myself but I stopped in high school. However, I will be making a list this year. I want to succeed with everything I put on this list!

1. I am determined to get better grades in school!
2. Spend more time with loved ones (:
3. Enjoy life - school is stressful as it is. 
4. Use the time I spend shopping to do something more beneficial. 
5. Start looking for professors to research for.
6. Go to OFFICE HOURS; I must get to know professors. 
7. Learn how to cook... anything.
8. Become a LARC tutor - if I have time.
9. Volunteer.
10. I will Speak Up. One learns nothing by being quiet. 

I might add more as the year goes on :D 

 Blazer: Zara // Shorts: Hydraulic // Boots: Zara // Belt: Anne Klein // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Sunglasses: Chanel

I was looking through some of my old files and I found this dress. It is simply amazing. I would love to have a wedding dress like this. I have no idea who the designer is or if this is a recent collection. 

I also found this! Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel :D I think I would stick to the traditional cake topper but this is definitely cute - possibly have something like this off to the side? Haha. I have seen some disgusting cake toppers - killing in laws etc. Putting personality into one's wedding is a must, but should it be that gruesome.  



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