Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia

The rest of my trip condensed into one blog. I have way too many pictures to be able to upload them all so here's a SparkNotes version of my trip. Haha.
So here's the thing about New Jersey-- it's very green! Also, cemeteries can be found everywhere. The atmosphere is much cleaner than California's. No tax on clothes. High property taxes. Cheaper gas and houses. 

Caesars's Palace in Atlantic City.

Lucy the Elephant. I did not realize that it was actually a replica of the famous structure until my boyfriend told me! I was the one who showed him the picture of the structure before I left for New Jersey! 

Sins and Casinos are closely related.



The Liberty Bell. I thought that it would be outside but it's indoors.

Too bad I couldn't eat any Philly Cheese Steaks. I wanted to buy my boyfriend as a "souvenir" as a joke but I decided not too (:

Independence Hall

That's all for now. Till next time...

Statue of Liberty

Oh Lady Liberty. So pretty up close.
Too bad I couldn't climb the flight of stairs... I did not know that you had to register 3 week prior to the day you would like to visit; they have to do a background check. It is a hassle but it's for our own safety. What happened to the World Trade Center should not happen again to America or rather any country.

Ma famille. 
Me, my mom, my aunt, my uncle & their sons.
The gentleman toward the right of the picture seems as if he is acting out a scene from Shakespeare- or proposing!

I was absolutely terrified when I saw this. My family and I were walking around the Statue of Liberty and I was taking random pictures... I turned around and was shocked. I'm pretty sure I made a loud gasp. I was pointing and shouting look to my family-then I started taking pictures. The cop on the ground said that it was nothing so I was a bit relieved but looking back at the picture, it doesn't seem like it was just "nothing." 

I would upload more pictures but I'm deciding to keep it at the bare minimum. 
I don't have any recent pictures so I will still be updating my blog with my adventures from New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Ellis Island

The streets that lead up toward the ferries are actually made of cobblestone! Makes me want to visit Europe even more!

I thought that octagon shaped structure was a ferris wheel but as I passed by it on the ferry, I realized that it was a clock!

The first ferry I took to go to Ellis Island!

Below are some of my favorite Barbies. Obviously I could not upload them all or I would be in front of my laptop for an extremely long time. I wish I could share all my pictures online but then again that would invade my privacy and kill way too much time. 

I still love Barbie!

My mom loves this and so do I! I would love to own one of these gorgeous machines!

More pictures of my New York trip will be uploaded soon.
Up Next: Statue of Liberty!

From New York with Love

I miss this already.
Buildings blocking out the sun.
People everywhere.
The city that never sleeps.
I will be back for more...

I would have stayed in New York longer if the ferries went day and night. Unfortunately, the last ferry back home left at 7-8pm? I forgot... but it cut my sightseeing short. I would love to live in New York someday or rather work in New York and live off in Long Island or The Hamptons. If only money was easy to grasp.

My tired feet... walked all about Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and New York.
 More pictures of my adventures will be uploaded soon!

The cutest police car I have ever seen!

I never realized that Alexander Hamilton was buried in New York.

Tired smile!

A taxi came dashing through this street just moments after I ran back onto the sidewalk!

I was wondering why people were gathered over "there" and then I saw the bull's butt.

The sightseeing bus is behind me! It was extremely windy in New York!

He's a good saxophone player!

More pictures later!



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