Layered Pinstripe Shirtdress

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Nothing like a good energy boost before finals! This Chunky Strawberry bowl from Jamba Juice has a dash of peanut butter that makes the fat little girl in me scream and jump with joy! It has the right ratio of creamy, gooey goodness to fresh bursts of strawberries! This bowl may seem small but it keeps me full and energized for a sufficient amount of time!

Anyways, I'm in maximum overdrive mode as I cram for my GI final this coming Monday! Just one more and I'm done with the quarter! I have a love hate relationship with Fall Quarter. On one hand, it's the best since all my favorite holidays fall within the last leg of the year but it's also the worse since I pretty much have to study around these festive events! An additional con to this year's Fall quarter is the length which reduces the amount of days off I get for winter break. The breaks during our P2 year are a bit odd since we run in conjunction with the School of Medicine's block schedule. I'm not sure if I'm traveling anywhere outside California but wherever I end up, I'm going to make sure I spend time detoxing from school. I plan on getting back in touch with my creative and artistic roots this break! Until next time!

Asymmetrical Mock Neck Bow

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I finally put up my flocked Christmas tree last night and I feel terribly short next to it - it's standing high at 7.5". For the twenty odd so years of my life, I've used your typical green Christmas tree as the main centerpiece and decorated with different ornaments depending on that particular year's theme. I tossed many household items when I moved to San Diego which was good in the sense that I was able to start over fresh. The only negative thing I can come up with having a flocked tree is the constant downpour of white pixie dust. I can only imagine the imminent mess when I actually begin placing ornaments onto the branches. I was wearing a black sweater while I was assembling the tree and it looked as if I just walked through a blizzard. Speaking of sweaters...

With the drop in temperatures, it's time to layer and bundle up! I was actually looking for puffer jackets and scarves during all the Black Friday madness for my trip to New York. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything decent. I've had a soft spot for New York City since I was a little girl and Gossip Girl only solidified my desire to work that much harder now so my future self can live in the Big Apple. Though I've visited New York in the past, I've always left the city craving another bite. Wanting to see more. Wanting to absorb more culture. More Art. More landmarks. More late night food. More "only in New York" things. The last time I was there was in 2013 for my Blooomingdale's collaboration. I miss the constant rush and how you're actually able to run into people you know all around Manhattan. True, I've only visited one borough but I'm adding Brooklyn to my list of "must see." I was planning on visiting this lively city during winter break but my vacation happens to be quite short this year due to block scheduling - aiming to visit in 2018 when time permits.

Since the weather gets toasty every so often in San Diego, I thought I'd finally share this asymmetrical mock neck bow top outfit! I wore this early October when it was still possible to wear sleeveless tops and skirts without freezing half to death. I might put together a similar outfit for my research presentation next Friday! If you're following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that a lot of my recent outfits are dark or some shade of blue. It's time to put more effort into my #OOTD by adding splashes of color! Hope you guys like this outfit! Until next time!

Black Friday Deals

As promised, I found the BEST deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and placed them in alphabetical order below! I've also linked pictures of great deals for a variety of retailers!



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