Borrego Springs Boho

Adrienne Nguyen_San Diego Fashion Blogger_Invictus_Borrego Springs Scultures

Howdy folks! I just started my second week of school and I cannot fathom the amount of material that has already accumulated. I've technically only been in school for seven days but whew this block schedule is definitely different. I personally prefer the scheduling since class lets out around noon each day. Even though I'm falling slightly behind, I'm taking my time to review concepts since they all build upon each other. It's better to develop a strong foundation of the topics rather than cram the material solely based on blind memorization. I've never been a fan of watching videos on Youtube but I found the "science" explanation videos truly beneficial this time round though I may be biased since I'm more of a visual learner... I'm making use and taking full advantage of every resource available to me! I'll be writing more pharmacy related posts in the near future!

Now let's flash back to the summer when I was in Borrego Springs! I live somewhat far from campus up in the mountains so it's still pretty warm... so what better time to post this desert bohemian outfit! The weather at home is completely opposite with that in La Jolla since it's always foggy and gloomy (even sprinkling at times) but that's probably because it's so close to the beach! Anyways, these sculptures in Borrego Springs are scattered all over the place! Jonathan and I had a map but we still had to drive up and down the dirt roads to find these beasts. I'm uploading most of my pictures on VSCO but here's a taste of what it's like in this sunny area. It was oddly quiet with very few residents. People come here for the sole purpose of taking pictures and you can drive up within inches of them which means lots of dust and dirt whirlwinds as you're attempting to snap the perfect picture. Nevertheless, we managed to get a few snaps in before I hopped into the middle of the road pretending to be a hitchhiker! Until next time!

Vertical Stripes

off the shoulder vertical stripes top with bows_Adrienne nguyen_Invictus

Summer is dwindling down way too fast... I have orientation today and I officially start school after Labor Day. I must admit that I'm excited to be back in school though I'm not looking forward to exams. As for reflections, this has been one abominable summer. I don't share too much about my personal life online to maintain privacy (besides my pharmacy experience) but for those who follow me on Instagram, you're already aware of my situation. From my grandmother passing away hours before boarding her flight from Vietnam --> America, me landing in the hospital after coming back to the States and other tiny nightmares, this summer has really tested my ability to persevere - life has ways of testing your endurance both physically and mentally. But I've also had some great moments this summer! Jonathan and I went to the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles where we tried some really interesting ice cream and took a ton of pictures (linked here). We also ventured off to Wonderspaces in San Diego last week - I'll have my Wonderspaces post up shortly!

I managed to shoot some outfits here and there; this outfit was shot earlier this summer. I decided to take on a casual look in this multi-colored striped off the shoulder top with wrist bows! I wore this outfit for a day out at Seaport Village in San Diego. It's a pretty quaint area and a typical tourist attraction though it wasn't exactly crowded. The one thing I noticed when I was here was that it has an uncanny resemblance to Shoreline Village in Long Beach. If you run out of things to do, you can venture towards the USS Midway which is docked within a walkable distance from the village. I'm hoping to post more during the school year - I'll be incorporating lifestyle, travel and photography along with my usual personal style posts.

Back to School Essentials: Pharmacy Edition

I love wandering through stores that offer a large selection of school supplies. I would say I'm an old fashioned kind of gal; I love writing things down on paper. You should see my growing collection of empty journals on my bookshelves! Even though I bring my laptop to school, I still rewrite my notes afterwards... I feel that I learn and absorb the material better using this method. This school year may prove to be different. During our second year of pharmacy school, we take classes with medical students which are primarily podcasted.  This means that I'll have the opportunity to listen to these lectures within the confines of my room and write notes at my own pace.

I compiled a list of back to school goodies in this post that I believe every student pharmacist should own before starting pharmacy school. Sure you need your basics (i.e. pencils, highlighters, multi-colored pens, white-out, etc) but I think these extra things make life that much simpler. Oh, I took the picture above when I went in after class to study for Histology (also the same room used for Gross Anatomy). This is what the room will look during exams so you guys definitely have an edge already! I didn't know the layout of the test until a few days beforehand. For any future Tritons out there, make sure you don't touch anything in the room before you eat... you might accidentally eat a piece of cadaver or fluid from them!



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