Lace on Crochet

Friday, December 18, 2015

What to Wear to Coachella - Lace and Crochet

Fashion is a form of art that allows everyone to express themselves without having to say a word. Regardless of the atmosphere, financial situation, or career, anyone can dabble at it. I love experimenting with patterns, fabrics, colors, and mixing high/low pieces together. Though I often turn my bedroom into what looks like a mile high clothing graveyard. Don't get me wrong... I know the location of approximately 98% of my clothes but sometimes the outfits I create in my head don't fair well on my body so it's off to the next idea!

On a surprisingly often note, I tend to find forgotten garments in the midst of my rampage. The sheer black ZARA turtleneck featured in this post was one of those lost treasures I recovered! It's an old piece I got about two or three years ago during my undergraduate years. My love for lace anything began very young and I've only grown fonder of it. Instead of pairing this with something basic and solid, I chose this FREE PEOPLE cream crochet skirt (I bought two so I'm selling the other one on my Poshmark account @adriennenguyenn). I believe the sheer, delicate lace and patterned crochet go well with each other. To minimize any distractions from my outfit, I kept my accessories within the same family of colors - tan, gold and black. Besides, I got to wear this flower necklace I've owned since middle school!

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// ZARA Black Sheer Lace Short Slit Sleeve Turtleneck Top // FREE PEOPLE Cream Flippy Crochet Mini Skirt with Black Lace Details // COACH Nude Zip Heels // CHANEL Oversized Sunglasses // ZAC ZAC POSEN Mini Loren Crossbody //

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