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Thursday, July 02, 2015

how to look fashionable in a pencil skirt
Black. White. Navy Blue. Brown. Those are the predominating colors in the workforce. Professional? Yes. But, don't you get tired of having such a depressing looking closet? Sure, I love wearing all black when I'm running errands and the likes... But if I have to be around the same people in an enclosed capacity for extended periods of time, I'd like some variation - in color AND style. Or to quote Elle Woods, "a little something extra."  Don't get me wrong. I understand most places enforce a strict dress code policy, which I respect. However, I try to bend the rules as much as possible. *Wink Wink* I spend the majority of my time conducting research in a tower (waiting for my prince charming - I kid!). So I can usually dress the way I want... within reason, of course! Nevertheless, I do conform to the dress code whenever I work at the hospital.

As for this particular outfit, I got my inspiration from Suits. Do any of you watch that show? It is one of my all time favorites! I've watched the entire series, up to this point, f i v e times in its entirety! MEGA FAN! The women on that show have very different styles yet they're all very refined and classic. I emulated one of Rachel Zane's crop top and pencil skirt variations with a slight twist. I found this amazing Clover Canyon Crop Top on sale (I linked a very similar one) and paired it with this H&M pencil skirt that I have owned for years! I typically buy lots of bottoms and tops that don't mix well so when I find a pair that fits, I'm beyond ecstatic! I hope you enjoy this post! Until next time!

how to wear a crop top with a pencil skirt
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// CLOVER CANYON Crop Top // H&M Pencil Skirt // REED KRAKOFF Boxer Tote // L.A.M.B. Blue Suede d'Orsay // CHANEL Sunglasses //

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  1. That top is so cute and colourful! :)

    Love the rest of the outfit too! Great for work and drinks! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. It's definitely great for summer! Thanks, Natassia!