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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The secret to any sophisticated wardrobe comes from acquiring timeless, versatile pieces that can transition into any season. With functional basics in your closet, the only thing to consider is the integration of a few new favorites that offer fresh options. Not convinced? Take a closer look at the creative, and virtually endless, possibilities these core pieces offer.

The word “essential” has come to be synonymous with the term necessary, but the term also describes something that possesses a story, a tradition. A combination of these fine qualities makes the white shirt, the blue jeans, and the black coat a fundamental trio. Filled with history and the ability to exist despite the changes in style over the years, these three staples have evolved into the most versatile pieces in the contemporary wardrobe.

T H E     W H I T E    S H I R T

white shirt with Wolford velvet de luxe 50 stay up tights and BCBGeneration Wool Fedora

 The white dress shirt dates back to the early 19th century when the collar was first introduced. The allure and power of white shirts, which was once associated with men in banking, soon expanded to fit a variety professions. Designed to look sharp and polished, the cuffs can also be folded to create an elevated, casual look. Though the white shirt sparingly shows up on the runway, this simple top can be seen in all classes throughout the world. For a business-professional look, I would recommend wearing this with a tailored pencil skirt or cigarette pants along with some d'Orsay heels. I like wearing white shirts when I'm running errands so I tend to throw on some boyfriend jeans along with my nude high heeled sandals and a tote.

T H E     B L U E     J E A N S 

Blue Jeans: Boyfriend Jeans - J Brand Skinny Jeans, Current Elliot Love Destroyed

Born from sturdy trousers worn by factory workers and refined by Levi Strauss, blue jeans symbolizes youth rebellion, casual-cool, and is still going strong over 50 years later. This American innovation underwent many modifications, from bell-bottoms to skinny jeans, to create strikingly modern results to fit all ages. From James Dean onward, these jeans possess a hint of California cool. With some statement jewelry and high heels, the jeans and tee-shirt combination goes from ordinary to chic in a matter of seconds.

T H E     B L A C K    C O A T

Black Coat

Another staple, the black coat, dates back to an early 18th century French innovation that introduced knee-length coats worn by men. The appeal of long "jackets" rapidly spread throughout Europe due to its' emergence in the fashion industry. The polished black coat offers a sense of protection, credibility and power to those who wear it. Though it was designed for the elite, it has evolved to fit every budget around the world. The coat, particularly in black, is one of my go-to cold weather essentials. Not only does it match every color and look underneath, it will last for many years to come. Want something new to try? Instead of wearing the coat, try letting it sit on top of your shoulders like a shawl. This trend has been seen at fashion weeks all around the world.

T H E      C O M B I N E D      L O O K

Black BP Wool Coat, Hollister White Shirt, TJ Maxx Houndstooth Crop Top, CUrrent Elliot Boyfriend Jeans, Harajuku Lovers Bow High Heels, Chanel Sunglasses, 3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Black Satchel

If you guys are keeping up with my posts, you may have already seen my "Autumn Crop Top" post (ensemble shown above). I incorporated the three things I believe are the most multifaceted and can be found in every closet no matter what gender. The white shirt, black coat and blue jeans aren't what you would call statement pieces however, the fact that they have maintained their prevalence in society demonstrates their subtle power.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. The lack of an outfit post this week has encouraged me to delve into other creative aspects I would like to incorporate to i n v i c t u s. About a year ago, I mentioned that I planned on adding different sections to my blog such as home inspiration, recipes, fashion tips and tricks, etc. However, I never followed through since I was busy with other matters. But with the impending rain casting doubt on future outfit shots, I plan on creating monthly posts (ideally weekly posts, if time permits) about things that inspire and motivate me. I hope you guys liked this article!

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  1. Loved this post! I've been slacking with my style posts, too. I know how you feel!