Laser Cut

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Looking back at previous Ready to Wear shows has allowed me to see how my style has drastically changed. I used to put a tremendous amount of time and effort into my outfits however, I would say that my style has taken a turn towards the more casual side. Don't get me wrong though. I do not consider the California, laid-back, cool a bad thing. I usually pick a sweater and pair it with jeans since I hate wasting a perfectly good outfit for an uneventful day. Since the weather is beginning to get on the colder and gloomier side, I can finally pile layer upon layer! Even though change is good, I hope to embody the old me in my future looks as the one featured here. You guys must remember Gossip Girl, right? Everyone I knew was mesmerized by Serena van der Woodsen's attire. I was attracted to some of her clothes but to me, Blair Waldorfs' outfits were a hit in practically every show. Each outfit was like a piece of art that exuded a sense of ladylike sophistication and power. I know this particular outfit isn't what she would wear but I am drawing inspiration from her and giving it my own modern flare. Always add personality to your outfit and own it! 

 [[ I am sorting out a bunch of clothes from my closet and selling them on Poshmark! I will be updating my account daily with new and gently worn items. Check out my closet HERE. If you guys do not already have an account, use the code BZMGE when you're signing up for $5 credit! ]]

// DIY DOLCE AND GABBANA Top with I.N.C. Tank // ZAC ZAC POSEN LOREN Mini Crossbody // MICHAEL KORS Leather Booties // CHANEL Sunnies // OASAP Coat (Purchase HERE) //

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