Thursday, November 07, 2013

ON THE RUN in an attempt to make it to work promptly. My tendency to arrive "fashionably-late" to practically everything developed during my freshman year in high school. Although I am altering certain things to make myself punctual, choosing my attire drains a significant amount of time. I can clearly recall the time when I was able to sit down, enjoy my breakfast and watch the morning news. But then again, I did not wear any makeup or care about the appearance of my hair. I started wearing makeup in college and I am still trying to find something appropriate and suitable for my face. There is so much on the market yet these products serve the same purpose... I will find the right look within time... Aside from that, I received this impeccable dress courtesy of OASAP a few days ago. Let's just say that the details and quality of the dress surprised me - this is something I could see at a high end department store. The colors appear true to what is advertised online and the stitching is exceptionally good. Click HERE to purchase. 

 // OASAP Dress [ Purchase HERE ] // 3.1 PHILLIP LIM PASHLI Medium Satchel [ Purchase HERE ] // WATCH [ Similar HERE ] // CHANEL Sunnies [ Similar HERE ] // DOLLHOUSE Boots //

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