Ton Oeil Mystérieux

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

BACK TO SCHOOL. I was utterly miserable when I went to my first class: Developmental and Cell Biology Lab Lecture. Oh, I forgot to mention, it was at 8AM! I honestly do not remember when I had to wake up that early for class. Anyways, I am definitely glad that is my only class on Monday; I have the entire day to shadow Dr. Chen and go to research! I went to my second class today, Viral Pathology and Immunology. I actually came in late and sat in the wrong lecture! TOTAL FAIL. My class is comprised of 50 people but this lecture held around 450! I asked around and found out that my room was next door. So I scurried over there and walked in before my professor started class, phew! He ended early so I decided to stay back and get to know him - seems like a pretty cool guy! I still have one more class to "discover" - Dev and Cell Biology Lab  which is tomorrow! I cannot show up late to that or they deduct points ):

I received this collar from OASAP quite some time ago and I completely forgot about it, whoops! The button on this collar fell off probably because I kept on taking it on and off so I replaced it with my National Junior Honor Society Pin (yes, I still have pins from middle school!) Nonetheless, it would be something I would buy if I saw it at a store. The spikes on the collar make it très chic. You can purchase it:: HERE.

// OASAP Collar PURCHASE: HERE // I.N.C. Top // H&M Pants // DVF Heels // Jimmy Choo Blthye Bag // Chanel Sunnies //

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  1. Well you can go about your day knowing that you look fabulous!

  2. I loveee those shoes! And going to class early in the morning is definitely a bitch! :D


  3. gorgeous heels!

    Hayley xx

  4. wonderful outfit,I love the printed pants and the leather collar!]