Shoreline Village

Sunday, August 12, 2012

AN EVENING at Shoreline Village in Long Beach with Jonathan. It's a cute little village with an amazing view of the Queen Mary and lighthouses! I love cruising along the beach but this place was really humid and sticky...  probably because of the unbearable heat in Southern California! The entire village is decorated with colorful shops which reminded me of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! There's also an adorable hat shop with really peculiar hats! 

Anyways, I have 3 more weeks left of Physics Lab and I will be done with Physics forever! Do you guys start sneezing when it gets really hot? I do and it's really irritating but I digress...

As for the outfit, I've had this top for quite some time but never really wore it since I couldn't find a bottom for it! I opted for some blue shorts and added pops of color with yellow wedges and an orange bag! You can't go wrong with bright colors in the summer!

The Olympics ends today! I won't have anything else to watch during the summer :( ! Men's diving and Track & Field was epic! I actually found those events more intriguing than any event at the Olympics. Congrats Team USA!

// Zara Shorts // Seychelles Wedges // Charles David Handbag // Dior Sunglasses //

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  1. Love the outfit. Your blog is great!!! I've followed you on bloglovin. I hope you will come visit my blog and follow back if you like it xx


  2. You look so pretty!:> Love this blog!

    Greeting from Finland,

    - Alice