Flower Bomb

Sunday, May 13, 2012


My mom and I decided to have Mother's Day lunch instead of dinner this year since I did not make any reservations. I wanted to find a beachfront restaurant but they were extremely packed so we opted for California Pizza Kitchen! The food and drinks tasted quite different, I'm thinking they hired a new chef at the location my mom and I usually eat. Afterward, we went out to look for a painting/portrait for our living room. The portrait that is currently hanging is a bit lopsided, haha!

We got home pretty late, took off our heels and then I realized we didn't take any pictures together! Oh, this isn't the outfit I wore on Mother's Day. I will post that up soon! Anyways, I decided to take pictures of my mom and her outfit too! Stay tuned!

Oh! As for my hair, I always wanted to try the Chanel inspired Lady Gaga hair look so I attempted it and voila! At first, I tried the sock bun but my hair was flying all over the place so I decided to make it into a bow and it stayed!


// Kenneth Cole Necklace // BCBG Max Azria Heels // Dior Sunglasses // Deux Lux Wallet //

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  1. Really nice pictures! I love those shoes!


    Danielle xx

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