Saturday, March 03, 2012

I would like to make my blog more exciting by taking pictures at different locations but it is a bit hard since my classes start and end at the more awkward times; I would also like to invest in a DSLR but that can come later! When I read style blogs, I love seeing what my favorite fashion bloggers wear but I also like seeing the unique spots they take pictures at.  Furthermore, my blog has been lacking posts since I will no longer be taking pictures  in front of my house. My neighbor was just robbed and the community watch is now on high alert. I believe that it is best for me to avoid being noticed in my community and take pictures elsewhere. Which leads to the location of this outfit post.... on the top of the parking structure at the City Tower! I wanted to gather more information for my research project so I went to research Friday evening. However, I decided to drive up to the top floor and do some self-photography of my outfit beforehand! 


// Tahari Boots // BP Sweater // Chanel Sunglasses // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Blanc Noir Fur Vest // Nordstrom Necklace // My mom made my skirt ! //

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  1. great look, i love your skirt!

  2. I love with this outfit! Great blog!




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