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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hello everyone!

Today was my first day back at school for Winter Quarter and I must say that the thrill of getting ready for school struck me once again... Deciding what outfit to wear, getting together all my supplies (iClicker, voice recorder, notebook, laptop, pens), stuffing all of this into my bag, eating on the go, attempting not to be late to any of my classes, and of course the learning experience! Oh, Winter Break, you made me lazy! 

My first class was Physics and my instructor seems extremely interested in Electricity and Magnetism! For classes that revolve around numbers and formulas, I learn best when Professors write everything out on chalk boards or tablets; I found that I miss a lot of valuable information when professors merely provide power points. So I am definitely glad he takes the time to write out his lecture notes on the board. 

My next and last class of the day was Cell Biology. Most Biology classes at UCI consist of two professors. For this class, I have a German and Scottish professor! They seem really enthusiastic and iClicker questions do not count so I can attend an earlier lecture! However the material for the class is hard and the grading is pretty harsh too. My midterm counts toward 40% of my grade and my final, 50%. 

Let the mayhem begin.

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park 

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  1. sweet ring and lovely dress. your university classes sound absolutely puzzling to an arts student graduate like me. ^^

  2. found you on IFB!! I love your blog...this outfit is great

    Boots & Lipstick

  3. Oh, this is a really cute outfit. Love the colour combination.

    Miss Bias : )

  4. Your blog is so nice!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  5. Hi Adrienne, thanks for commenting on my discussion! I'm checking out your blog now :)