Roses are Red...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I wore this quite a while ago but I never had the chance to upload it. I did not get a chance to take a picture of my outfit since I was in a rush to get my car! It stayed overnight at the car dealer since the brake had to be replaced and other things had to be fixed... such as the hole in my tire! I saw my boyfriend for a bit but he had to go to school...

I immediately fell in love with this blouse when I saw it even though it is a size large. I did not want to cut it so I decided to knot the front and tuck the back into my pants. 

I wanted to make something over my break so I decided to make a dress. I finished it but since I used lycra and my little 20 stitch sewing machine, the finished product appears quite... awkward. I will attempt to make one more thing over my break. Hopefully something I can wear outside without feeling embarrassed!

Boots from Zara // Blouse from a random store // Tank top from BP // Calvin Klein Belt // Chanel Sunglasses

Looks pretty cute but it was extremely buttery. 

I was going through my pictures and I found this. Looks so calm and serene. I want to go to the beach but I believe that it is way too cold and windy to go to the beach without a couple of jackets. 

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