Suture Clinic

Friday, January 21, 2011

 (My Boyfriend, me, one of my closet friends)

Hello lovely readers :D

I have been so busy lately since my entire workload has increased. Of course I have set aside time to shop and do other things such as SUTURING! This event made me want to consider becoming a surgeon. I have dissected a fetal pig in high school but I believe this experience was better. I actually learned, well forgot, different kinds of suturing techniques and it was definitely fun ! 

My boyfriend's lovely suturing.

My suturing! The knot is a bit bulky. 

I might update this weekend but there is a small chance that I will =/. I will definitely update next week so stay tuned! I have just way too much to do this weekend. I have to study for my Organic Chemistry midterm on Tuesday, do post-lab and pre-lab for Friday, write a Final Draft for Writing and Rhetoric, go shopping for stuff for my cousins, start studying for BioChemistry, and spend some time with my boyfriend before he starts school again. 

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