Sunday, January 16, 2011

The heat continues to attack Southern Californians. The streets were really empty today! I was really surprised... sure there were those who chose to engage in sports under the glazing sun but there were many others who walked around air-conditioned shops. I went to Nordstrom Rack with my mom today and she bought a dress- it looks really pretty on her! We then went to a travel agency to look for tickets... no luck though. Tickets are getting really hard to find this time of year. 

I glued that heart onto the ring piece since it kept on falling off ;D

This dress is comfortable and very versatile - it also kept me cool under the heat. I chose to pair this dress with black knee highs and military boots just to add a little something extra. I also paired this with a nature inspired necklace. Why? None of my other necklaces matched my dress! 

I wasn't ready for the picture above !

// Dress made by my mom // Bamboo Socks // Zara Boots // Fossil Necklace // Ring bought in LA // Chanel sunglasses //

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