Monday, January 10, 2011

Camera problems. Laptop problems. 
1. My Canon PowerShot SX110 IS runs on 2 AA batteries and the 6 rechargeable ones I have are pretty much dead. I have yet to buy them... I will probably go this weekend. I also have to buy AAA batteries for my voice recorder! My voice recorder is my savior!  I record my OChem and BioChem lectures just in case I miss anything my professor says. It is seriously one of the "best" investments I have made during my college life. Without it, I would be missing a lot of important information! 

2. My laptop has been weird to say the least. It was running on a temporary profile and nothing seemed to work. My boyfriend managed to semi-fix it. My files and everything are on my laptop and I can finally save my work without the fear that it will not be there the next time I turn my laptop on! Some extra clicks here and there but I'm glad to have my laptop "back."

Done with my first week of school! I cannot believe that it's already week 2! 

My Organic Chemistry professor sounds like Morgan Freeman, mind you his name is Professor Freeman and my boyfriend says that he looks a bit like Albert Einstein! He seems really nice. I have been reading the book and I hope to find questions to ask him soon! I would really love to get to know him!

My Bio-Chemistry Professor sounds a bit like former President George W. Bush. He also seems nice and very reasonable. His office hours are all over the place and I should get to those BioChem problems... 

My Writing and Rhetoric instructor is really care-free and easy to talk to! I met with her at Starbucks today just to introduce ourselves to each other. Research project... I have to pick a person by Friday. I think I will be researching on Sir Frederick Grant Banting, the discoverer of insulin. I also had William Harvey, Charles Darwin, and Coco Chanel but these people are well known. 
Banting = insulin = pancreas = pancreatits = a condition I have

Lab... I had lab last Friday and my partner seems nice. My TA seems like a harsh grader. Boo. I hope she is easier than she looks! The experiment portion of the lab went well. I just have to write the discussion now...

//Zara Vest // BP Sweater // Ugg Boots // Chanel Sunglasses //


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