Bonjour vacances d'hiver!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Les macaroons! C'est bon, non?
My mom and I are going to attempt to make macaroons during my winter break! I found a highly detailed recipe  online so...hopefully all goes well! I have never baked or made anything in the kitchen besides sandwiches ;p My first attempt in the kitchen might be a complete fail, but it's worth a try!

 Clogs are so comfortable and lightweight!
I just realized my toes look like they're too big for these clogs in this picture. They look perfectly normal in real life; I was bending over to take a picture of my clogs :D

I am glad that winter break is finally here! 
This week and the previous week have been hell.
Last week, I took my practical for OChem Lab and we'll see how everything turns out. I did what I could and we'll  see how everything plays out. On Monday, I took my final for Genetics. It was longer than the practice exams my professor posted up, but the questions related to the same topics. I'll miss learning about Genetics and Cancer. I actually thought that it was an interesting class..regardless of all the memorization that went with it.

Today, I took my final for OChem in the morning and there were so many trends that we had to know! Thank gosh I went back and reviewed everything. My Larc tutor told me that we should only focus on the last 2 chapters of the 8...but on the exam, there was only 32 points worth of what we recently learned! Afterward, I headed over to the library to write 3 papers for Philosophy... yes THREE papers for PHILOSOPHY. I did not have enough time to make my papers the way I wanted them to be. I wish I had more time to write them...

Well after a long day, I went to LAX to drop off my uncle. My mom and I hung out with him for a bit and we were surprised about the security there. Last year when I went to Australia, the luggage checkpoint was a bitch. Waiting in line for 4-5 hours just to let them scan our baggage. I do recall them telling us to "stay behind the line, unlock your luggage, and wait over there." But for my uncle, they did not check anything! He just told them that he wanted 2 suitcases sent and then weighed it, labeled it, and sent it away. We ate at Sushi Boy since my uncle had so much time to kill before his flight (:


Dress: Fire at Nordstrom
Clogs: Michael Kors 
Coat/Cardigan:  INC
Beanie: Nordstrom
Sunglasses: Chanel
Ring: Nordstrom
Bag: Charles David

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