Back to School Essentials: Pharmacy Edition

I love wandering through stores that offer a large selection of school supplies. I would say I'm an old fashioned kind of gal; I love writing things down on paper. You should see my growing collection of empty journals on my bookshelves! Even though I bring my laptop to school, I still rewrite my notes afterwards... I feel that I learn and absorb the material better using this method. This school year may prove to be different. During our second year of pharmacy school, we take classes with medical students which are primarily podcasted.  This means that I'll have the opportunity to listen to these lectures within the confines of my room and write notes at my own pace.

I compiled a list of back to school goodies in this post that I believe every student pharmacist should own before starting pharmacy school. Sure you need your basics (i.e. pencils, highlighters, multi-colored pens, white-out, etc) but I think these extra things make life that much simpler. Oh, I took the picture above when I went in after class to study for Histology (also the same room used for Gross Anatomy). This is what the room will look during exams so you guys definitely have an edge already! I didn't know the layout of the test until a few days beforehand. For any future Tritons out there, make sure you don't touch anything in the room before you eat... you might accidentally eat a piece of cadaver or fluid from them!

Army Strong

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_camouflage romper_army girl

Happy Total Solar Eclipse day! Are any of you in a prime viewing area? I'm currently situated in San Diego, pretty far from Oregon, but it's projected that we'll be able to see a "partial" eclipse. I'm going to try to be a glass half full kind of girl. Better than nothing, right? Well, I hope you guys all have fun trying to safely view this rare phenomenon! I'm hoping to see something and if I do, I'll definitely share it with you guys on Instagram Stories. On another note, I start school in less than two weeks so I'll be posting some back to school essentials in my next post! As for this one, I adore this camouflage romper I acquired quite some time ago. I have this love-hate relationship with them. It's easy to style and versatile but it's such a pain when you need to use the facilities. High five to any gals out there who know what I'm talking about. I paired this camo print romper with my Timberland boots and finished my look off with tortoise shell sunnies. I'll be posting more pharmacy related posts soon since I've had so many emails with similar questions! Until next time.

Downtown Vibes

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Black Forever 21 Sweater Dress_Black and White V Neck Sweater Dress

I'm back to my regular outfit posts though I would love to move my blog into the direction of also incorporating lifestyle and travel. I mentioned it in the past but I did not realize how life as a student would rapidly consume me. I'm typically in front of the camera lens whenever I have a DSLR around however, I do snap a lot of pictures on my iPhone that I upload onto my VSCO. It's been one crazy summer and I cannot believe I start school in two weeks. From the numerous conversations I've had with upperclassmen, the second year of pharmacy is both a blessing and a curse. Why? Well, we have shorter days along with podcasts! One of the unique things about UCSD is that pharmacy students take courses with medical students during their second year. Which leads to the most common negative thing I hear. According to my colleagues, medical students typically regard pharmacy students as lower on the totem pole. I've seen and heard about this from a non-health professional patient's standpoint but to face this bias amongst healthcare providers? It's absurd. I'm excited for the school year to come and I'm hoping for the best. Hopefully there's no patronizing and all the stories I heard were isolated events.

Anyways, this outfit was actually taken in April 2017 for a day out at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. I found this comfortable black and white sweater dress that kept me warm throughout the chilly day. Since Jonathan and I planned on walking around Downtown San Diego, I wore my platform sneakers ( Get these exact oxford platform sneakers here at ZAPPOS ). We ventured into Little Italy where we came across this Firehouse Museum. Although it was closed, it made for a great contrasting backdrop! I've explored quite a bit of Downtown San Diego... from Seaport Village to the San Diego Passport Agency Building but I still feel like a transplant in the area. There's always something new around the corner and the streets are filled with so much life (not to mention tourists) on the weekends. I'm slowly discovering secrets spots in San Diego and I can't wait to document and share them with you guys! Until next time!

From Vietnam, With Love

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Vietnam_Travel Blogger_Travel to Vietnam_Hoi An Ancient Town
To all my lovely readers, you may have noticed that I've been MIA and for all of those who follow me on Instagram, I made Insta-Videos and posted pictures explaining why my online presence was scarce. Truth be told, it's been a brutal month for me. My grandma was hours away from boarding her flight to America with my relatives before suddenly passing away. It was very unexpected since she was otherwise healthy and active. I'll never forget the moment my mom called me to inform me that my grandma passed away. I was volunteering for Pharmacy Day at Rady's Children Hospital when I heard the news. It was towards the end of the event but I was left in shock. I just stood there amongst my colleagues without engaging with anyone. I didn't know how to react. How to respond. How to function. All I could muster in my mind was, this isn't real. The world seemed to tense and shrivel up into a ball. I drove home as fast as I could to schedule an appointment to make emergency passports for my California family members. Unfortunately, I got back at 5PM and of course, the passport agency called it a day. I was able to talk my way to get in touch with the national officer in Washington D.C. and I truly appreciate everything she did for me. She worked with me from 5PM -10PM PCT which means she was still responding to my emails and calls at 1AM. After sending paperwork her way, she opened up an office right here in San Diego on Saturday. Although it took around 3.5 hours to complete, we were all able to hop on the plane that night/next day and fly out to Vietnam.

As the saying goes, live life without regrets. Well, no offense to whoever spoke those immortal words, but I wish I got to know my grandma better. It was hard to see her lifeless body in the casket but she seemed happy, at peace... as if she were sleeping. In traditional Vietnamese Buddhist funerals, immediate family members wear white as opposed to wearing all black as we do here in America. I can go into detail about the funeral arrangements and actual procession but I will omit that part from my post.

After attending my grandma's funeral in Vietnam, I was able to better appreciate my mother's heritage and the Vietnamese culture itself. I was surprised to see how developed Da Nang, Vietnam was from the last time I was there (around 8-9 years old). I explored many parts of the city and took numerous pictures which I'll share in this post, my Instagram, and VSCO (contains higher quality and edited pictures). I really do wish I brought a DSLR with me but all my pictures were taken on my iPhone 6... typically in the back of a moving car. I pretty much stayed in Da Nang during my entire trip though I did venture to Hoi An - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

I endured a long flight back to LAX and returned to research the following day. I didn't experience any jet lag and thought I was healthy... but then I landed in the hospital. Nevertheless, I'm up late writing this post because I'm a bit restless from everything that has happened these past two weeks. This happens to be one of my most personal posts in quite a long while. I just wanted to share with all of you what's been going on in my life. Until next time.