Summer Soiree

Thursday, June 29, 2017

What's the one thing every student longs for after a year long of hard work and late nights studying material they'll most likely forget by the end of the quarter or semester? Summer! There's nothing quite like enjoying those long summer days just basking in the sun. Sure, the first few days will involve catching up on much needed sleep but then it's time to plan for summer festivities! 

I could forego all the details to a party planner but writing notes in my agenda, making lists and things of the sort keep me calm...though I'm sure my mentality will change once I'm older. I'm an old fashioned kinda gal so I love hard copies of everything including invitations. But I can't live in the past. Our generation is becoming more dependent on technology therefore, I too must adapt. Paperless Post has a growing selection of meticulously designed online invitations you could use at your next party or gathering. Planning on throwing a backyard BBQ? Planning a brunch with your girlfriends? Planning a bridal shower? Trying to come up with a clever way to invite all your friends to your next birthday bash? Why not send them invitations from Paperless Post? Instead of being basic with a typical Facebook blast, send all your good friends an online invitation!

I was torn as to what kind of bash I envisioned myself throwing this summer so I included ideas, a mood board, you could say, of different setups I would have for both a daytime and evening get together. So how do I go about planning such an event? I would start by opening up my agenda/notepad and going onto Tumblr to find inspiration. I browse with the intention of compiling ideas from each picture to create a unique party that exemplifies my personality and style - I'm not going to plagiarize someone else's well planned event!  After a few days of brainstorming, I'd pick a date and create or find the perfect invitation! Browsing through Paperless Post has already given me a tremendous amount of ideas for invitation designs! Anyways, I would send out invitations first before buying materials and supplies so I can gauge how many guests will be in attendance. 


Daytime parties shouldn't be too heavy on food but should offer numerous hor d'oeuvres and pastries... well, mine would! I love finger food since it gives you ample time to catch up with friends as well as new ones. However, I do love to eat so plan a meal too!

Depending on the theme of the party, I love themes, I'd plan my food choices accordingly. I'd make sure the space is airy so my guests feel comfortable and have free reign to move around. Since it's a daytime event, I'd incorporate either a mix of pastels or bold vibrant colors that scream summer. Just depends on my mood!


What's the best thing about evening gatherings? Being under the stars with some ambient mood lighting. It gives the illusion of a gloomy Fall evening while the temperature remains nice and toasty. This is the point where I digress about living in a skyscraper in a big city, preferably NYC, where I watch the lights from adjacent and buildings afar gradually flicker on as the sun disappears within the horizon. I would love, love, LOVE to live in 432 Park Ave... seems like a far reach but anything is possible! Anyways, since I'm not living in a city at the moment, how would I plan something without any city lights? I'd use natural assistance from the stars. The night sky where I'm currently residing is ridiculously clear - no light pollution at all! I've never seen so many stars in my life so I'd like to highlight that aspect at an evening party. To emphasize the night sky, I'd have minimal lighting from stringed garden lights and/or candles. 

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(images from Tumblr)

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