Oversized Scarf Layers

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Houndstooth Oversized Scarf with Leather Belt and Fedora_Winter Layers_Flare Pants_How to wear a black turtleneck

Hey guys! I enjoyed a much needed week-long Spring Break! I was astonished at how little I used my laptop over my tiny vacation from school... though I was on Instagram a lot! For those of you who follow along, @adriennenguyenn, you saw all my adventures through IG stories. I spent the beginning half of my break in La Jolla / San Diego at the Pfizer Research and Development West Coast Division! After I complete my Pharm.D., I plan on extending my knowledge in industry - more on that soon! I went back to Orange County and spent the bulk of my break there... mostly running errands like taxes and such. What surprised me was the amount of security at Downtown Disney - there were checkpoints at every entrance so there was no way to avoid it! Another bummer? No more fireworks! I was able to hear fireworks every single night when I still lived in Orange County so I was very disheartened when I found out they discontinued it!

I always get nostalgic every time I'm back "home" but it's now back to the grind. I'm in class five days a week at 8AM and most of my classes extend into the late afternoon. I heard this is the worse quarter in all four years of pharmacy school... *insert teardrop emoji face* I'm taking 7 courses so forgive me if my posts become more scarce. I do plan on putting up more pharmacy related posts so be on the lookout!

I recently acquired this reversible oversized houndstooth scarf from Zara and it's such a versatile piece! Not only does it function as a scarf top, you can use it as a throw/blanket. I layered this over a black ribbed turtleneck for added warmth and boot cut Tahari pants to elongate my figure. To keep this scarf from flying off, I secured it with a brown leather belt! I finished off my outfit with a felt fedora that I found hard to keep on my head. I typically pin my hats down but it was a particularly windy day so pins did not suffice. I ended up holding my hat a majority of the time but it's all good! Hope you guys like this post! Until next time!

Pioneertown, California

Adrienne Nguyen_UCSD School of Pharmacy_Travel Blogger_Casual Style

Hey guys! I have a ton of outfit pictures I've taken in 2016 but have yet to post such as this one when I went on a semi-road trip to Pioneertown, Palm Springs and Big Bear. I hope to finish posting all my old outfits before the start of next quarter so I can show you guys my present style or rather my style at school.

I wore this DIY Breton Stripe dress for ease of movement and comfort however, I did not realize that it was this short when I wore it! I did wear shorts underneath so it was all good! On the day Jonathan and I took this trip, it was relatively cool so I layered this dress with a thin olive utility coat along with a black paisley print scarf wrapped around my neck a million times. One trend I love is tying small silk neck scarves around bag handles. I believe it evokes a sense of eloquence and power. This scarf was a bit too long and thick to function as a "bag scarf" but it was great for pictures whenever there was wind.

This outfit was taken at Pioneertown, California. I never knew this place existed until Jonathan told me about it. It's the cutest western area where the wi-fi connection sucks and the population in this particular area is at a mere 350 residents. I'd love to have a summer outfit shot here though I think my skin would melt off. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I took my last final yesterday and I'm officially on SPRING BREAK! Grades are slowly coming out and so far, the results have been pleasing! This quarter was much more intense than the previous with an OSCE, 4 finals and two presentations. I thought I left procrastination behind me but everything piled on fast - I definitely need to manage my time better. For my pharmacy readers, I'll further expand on what OSCE's are since I believe it will help those interviewing at schools with an MMI format.