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Thanksgiving TABLE SETTING

Monday, November 23, 2015

Besides the amazing food and great company that accompanies each holiday season, the one thing I look forward to most is the decor! Although Christmas seems more festive, I do admire the warm orange and tan hues of Thanksgiving. The one thing I associate with Thanksgiving the most, besides those gobblin' turkeys, are traditional gourds. But why not spice up the holiday with some more interesting pieces.

I complied a small list of things I would personally like to see on the dinner table at Thanksgiving! A majority of the things seen here aren't your typical turkey day decor but it gives everyone options during the holiday season. It doesn't matter if you're on a budget or have money to spend, there's something here to fit everyone's budget! So whether you're dressing up or wearing those stretchy joggers to eat your heart out, I hope you enjoy this post about Thanksgiving table settings ( + links to some decor you can purchase) !

As I was scrolling through Tumblr, these adorable white pumpkins stopped me dead in my tracks. For those of you who still have your Halloween pumpkins around, why not have some fun and paint them white in preparation for Christmas! I would definitely go to a local arts and crafts store to purchase white and gold paint! If you have any children, you could turn this into a family night - see who can come up with the most creative design. But if no longer have your pumpkins, I linked some ceramic ones below along with some that serve a duo function as a casserole baker!


Floral centerpieces became my addiction when I first saw them at weddings. The meticulous placement of each flower and the architecture of the vase it resides in is a form of art I'll always adore. Depending on the theme of your holiday gathering, I would take that into account while shopping for flowers at your local market. Try contrasting shades to give your table setting a more vibrant and lively feel. I linked some unique silver vases below along with some water containers and cups. Instead of going for one basic color, try mixing and matching colors within the same family to add more depth.


If you happen to not be a flower aficionado or if you're allergic,  try finding substitutes to fill the missing area of your table. Now if you're expecting A LOT of food and any decor would only get in the way of everything, decorate other areas of your home! Adding little trinkets to your coffee table can make your home more inviting. A simple cure for a plain table is potpourri! Not only does it smell good, you can have fun looking for something to put it in - a basket, a plate, a jar... the list goes on! If you don't want to jumble up the smell of your cooking with potpourri, add some candles to your table. You don't have to light them but they can make your home look extra chic. I'd recommend adding several at different heights or placing them in a way to make your table symmetrical. I linked some simple centerpiece alternatives below as well as a spray from Pier 1 Imports that smells like Christmas heaven!


If you're only expecting small company where place cards are not necessary, why not liven up your table with attention grabbing napkin holders! If you have some free time, why not personalize them with your guests' name or a cute DIY your guest can take home! I also love gold utensils... they have the ability to make everything appear a tad more f a n c y. I linked some options below ranging from high to low (not particularly in that order).


A free decor option! If you have a tree around your house or find pretty leaves at the park, it's enough for this project. All you need are basic wax candles and leaves. Melt the wax, so it's in a liquid state, then submerge your leaf into the liquid. Make sure you cover the entire surface area to create that glimmering effect. Lay flat for a few seconds and tah-dah! You can leave them around the table as decor or hang them up!

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