Louis Moinet - MEMORIS

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A watch made up of over 300 components - the first chronograph watch in watchmaking history.

Only a few of these limited edition timepieces were created to represent the rich history and to honor the tenth anniversary of Louis Moinet. The eponymous brand was founded in 2004 in the city of Saint-Blaise in the district of Neuch√Ęte in Switzerland. The watchmaker is credited for bring the "true inventor of the chronograph" and T H E watchmaker of the 19th century. One of the questions he considered is what function of the watch should be displayed.

Upon first glance, the most distinct part of the MEMORIS watch, the part that immediately grabs your attention, is the raw display of the entire chronograph. Since the chronograph function is fully visible, each piece of this watch was meticulously put into place to reveal an aesthetically pleasing sight. Rather than improving an existing timepiece, Louis Moinet took an unconventional route by starting with a fresh canvas.

The casing on this watch is composed of over 50 pieces along with the Louis Moinet symbols and a unique number. The strap is of Louisiana alligator and the buckle is made of 18K pink gold, or 18K white gold with either a rhodium plated of blued mainplate. Upon closer analysis, black zircon can be seen as a decorative feature on the case horns. Additionally, this watch utilizes the "Engergie Plus" winding mechanism that allows the watch to be wound in both directions. With such distinct features, the MEMORIS was nominated for the Grand Pirx d'Horlogerie of Geneva. 

The chronograph is the heart of the watch - this also happens to be the first chronograph watch in watchmaking history. While others believed the chronograph was a complication to the craft of watchmaking, Louis Moinet set out to make this the central component of the watch.
Learn more about it HERE as well as where to purchase this work of art. 

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