Kashmir Tent Dress

Free People Kashmir Tent Dress
Although summer hasn't officially reached its denouement, school is starting again and morning commutes will, once again, be horrendous. But the one perk about getting your geek on, again? The amazing S A L E S! I'm sure you have all heard of the major retailer, Macy's. If you haven't visited their website or stores in a while, NOW is the time! They are having a blowout sale for all your back to school clothing necessities! Dresses for under $20? Tops for under $15? They have everything to fit any price range and personality! Remember to use the PROMO Code: 'BTS' to get 20% OFF and get free shipping on all orders over $75!

I bought this Free People dress during the sale and it's perfect to combat the humid Southern California heatwave! Plus, you can do braless - definitely a pro! Even with this cut, the chest portion stays in place whether you're bending to pick something up or twirling around. But I must say, the back of this dress is so much better! Just look at the tassel details! Free People is included in the Macy's sale so hurry before your size disappears! Until next time!

IfChic - Southerner

how to dress like a southern belle

Clothes that are practically free? Whoop Whoop! This Keepsake Divide Skirt was purchased with virtual coins/tokens on the IFCHIC website! Now some of you may be a tad bit skeptical about purchasing items from an unknown retailer, trust me, I've been in that same position, however, this website is safe - I always do my research before releasing any of my personal information online. IFCHIC is located in Los Angeles and carries many independent brands as well as well known labels. The average item costs around $100-$200 however, you can earn $180 towards purchases on the 24th of each month! That's right! All you have to do is create an account and click on rotating gold tokens that appear on random pages of the IFCHIC website. The catch? You can collect a maximum of $6 per day (for a maximum total of $180 each month) and you can ONLY use these tokens on the 24th of each month. So make sure you visit their page each day to collect your coins!

Once you place an order, IFCHIC ships your items off which come enclosed in a dust bag! Anyways, I've been eyeing this Keepsake skirt for quite a while so when the opportunity presented itself - I snatched it up. This skirt works well for a typical day out and embodies the femininity of a Parisian woman. I wanted this outfit to be as light as possible so my mom made this sweetheart bodice top for me to pair with this floral midi, pleated skirt! Use your tokens at the next #ifchic24 event on August 24th!!

Now location!! From the moment I laid eyes on this skirt, I knew I did not want a modern background. I wanted something vintage. I wanted something with a past. So what better location than the Mission Inn! Sure, the wedding reception and construction prevented access to certain locations but just look at this view! It's been around a year since Jonathan and I ventured to this place so we got a bit lost but exploring a beautifully haunted place? No biggie. Hope you guys like the pictures! Until next time!

IFCHIC - Greylin Sweater Dress

how to wear a sweater dress
Can I get a virtual raise of hands to those who LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping? Lots of emphasis on the word L O V E. But what if I told you that you could get free clothes each month! Yeah, you read that correctly, F R E E! Your eyes are not deceiving you!

I recently discovered an online retailer called, IFCHIC. They carry various independent brands, that you don't typically see in stores, along with some well known labels such as Alexander Wang and The Row. At first glance, you may notice that the average cost of an item ranges from $100-$200. HOWEVER, *cue suspenseful drumroll* you can earn $180, in IFCHIC tokens, towards your purchases on the 24th of EACH month! You can start collecting tokens after you make an account on IFCHIC. You'll see some pop-up prompts, either on the left or right hand side, with a rotating golden token. You can collect up to a maximum of $6 per day. What's the catch? You can ONLY use these IFCHIC tokens on the 24th and you can never collect more than $180 each month. So make sure to visit their site each day to collect your tokens!

This Greylin, Luisa Sleeveless Sweater Dress was purchased with IFCHIC tokens on their site! They ship extremely fast and the packaging is perfect! I know it's summer but this dress was calling my name! It works well for the office with d'Orsays and transitions perfectly into my after 5 attire. All you have to do is throw on a motorcycle jacket and this dress is date night ready!

So start collecting those tokens to use it at their next #ifchic24 event on August 24th!! Until next time!

Working Crop Tops into Fall

how to wear a crop top during fall
This is probably the most inappropriate post for a Californian in August but not to worry, this was taken about a month ago. If you know me personally, then you must know that my collection of crop tops is growing at an absurd rate. Bet you can guess what one of my go to pieces for summer is! The infamous C R O P  T O P !! It works well for a casual day out, with a bikini on the beach, with jeans to school, and even to the office with a high waisted pencil skirt! Now if that isn't versatile enough, it can also be worked into your fall attire! YAY!

I love creating new outfits with old favorites such as this sheer Z A R A cat top. I can't recall how many ways I've worn this top - with dresses, with pants, with skirts... the list goes on. For this particular outfit, I paired this ZARA top under my T O P S H O P crop top. To finish off this look, I added my favorite leather shorts! Have you guys ever worn leather when it's hot? It's grueling - trust me! Not convinced? Just YouTube "Ross in leather pants." High five to anyone who watches(ed) F R I E N D S !

I hope you guys are enjoying the last month of summer! Until next time!