Popsicles on the Run

How do you guys keep in shape? I enjoy yoga and running! I try to run at least twice a week (I successfully ran 4 times this week *jump for joy*) and I do yoga every day. I slacked off for a month and all my hard work disappeared FAST... Besides, I eat a lot of junk food. So I decided to pump up my exercise routine this month by running more. I will also try eating cleaner by the end of this month... after I finish eating all the snacks I have laying around (Bring on the OREO'S!!!).

Anyways, I'm the type of girl who likes listening to really loud music, complete with an over-usage of beats, when I'm running alone. I frequently update my playlist so I don't get bored but I still wind up being able to predict the next song... I tend to run really fast so I need something that can stay in my ears and theoretically block out all my surroundings. I recently received headphones from Ankit and they're the cutest thing ever! I was surprised by the amount of noise they were able to block out! Plus, which girl doesn't want a fashionable accessory for her ears! See more details here. Remember to follow me on instagram @adriennenguyenn - I will put close up pictures of these earbuds within the hour!

Swarm of Bees

This post is an ode to Coachella. Well, just me wishing I was there! For those of you who are following me on my instagram, you already know the back-story to this picture. But for those of you who aren't....

My mom and I decided to go to this very bare and rustic area to take some outfit shots of my boho look. I scouted the area with Jonathan a few years ago so I had a pretty good feel of my surroundings. Many cyclists and runners frequent the area so we ventured into one of the closed off paths to avoid the crowd. As my mom was taking the last few shots, I heard a very distinct buzz coming from behind. Of course, I assumed it was a fly just buzzing by. My mom stopped taking pictures because she thought there was a lot of "pollen" floating behind me. I turned around and to my dismay... it was a swarm of bees! HUNDREDS of them! *Signal Sympathetic Nervous System* Yeah, that's right. The first picture of this post features me standing in front of a swarm of surprisingly friendly bees!

I ran to my mom like a mad woman and we both crouched on the ground right next to each other. It probably took only a minute for them to pass by but it felt like a lifetime! I have been stung by a bee before and it is definitely NOT FUN. When I got back to my car, I regretted not taking a selfie with my mom while the bees were passing overhead! It would have been a classic KODAK moment. Anyways, I hope you like my outfit! I decided to keep it simple and added a few brown accessories to make my look appear bohemian.

Woolly Mammoth

It's blazing hot in Southern California so do not let this outfit mislead you! I just forgot to post it during Winter *whoops!* The weather is perfect though it has been quite breezy the past few days. I spent most of my spring break running, sleeping in, and getting other projects in full swing! I find myself always having to sort out my priorities. I never actually have any free time and there's always something on my plate. Even studying becomes hard when there's so much to do. Now it's back to school and the amount of work I have to do will never cease.

Anyways, I decided to keep my outfit simple so I paired this plaid Free People skirt with a black turtleneck from Zara. To protect myself from the insane winds we were experiencing that day, I tossed on a faux-fur vest. Gold accessories seem to always make an outfit look so much better so I incorporated it through the means of a necklace, cross-body, belt, and boots! ...Until next time!