Picking Flowers

Even though it's sunny year round in California, I'm quite glad Spring arrived! Pastels, floral prints... Yes, I know "groundbreaking" but it just tickles me! I cannot wait to get my hands on some key pieces that caught my eye at Zara, Banana Republic, and J. Crew! I will probably make a Spring Essentials post in the near future!

Spring gives me a chance to empty out my closet. I scavenge through all my stuff each year but I find myself unable to let go of anything. I take down many things only to find myself putting them back up - does anyone else have this problem? I've been better with donating my clothes or selling them on Poshmark though I become attached with so many of my things. This time will be different. IT MUST. My closet is ready to burst so stay updated with my Poshmark closet; I will be updating it with a bunch of things this April! Until next time!

Leather and Fringe

Happy March! I just finished an intensive round of exams and I have two major essays due within the next two weeks. But you know what? I'm actually happy! I love being a student and keeping busy though managing work and my other endeavors is gradually reducing the amount of sleep I get each night (I'm averaging about 4 hours per weekday). However, I'm so thankful for the opportunities I've had this year and the incredible people who have impacted me along the way. Yes, I know it's just March but there's so much ahead in the future! I'm actually getting closer to finishing my research project, FINALLY! I cannot wait to see article in a medical journal. Just when things were getting slow with research, I had the amazing opportunity of being able to contribute to two other papers! Even though I won't be the first author on these, I still consider them an accomplishment!

Onwards to my outfit! I have fallen in love with the fringe trend! I find myself gravitating towards any fringy garment... whether it's a jacket (as seen HERE) or a top, I'll be in line to purchase it! I especially like this one since the fringe is made from leather and it exposes the abdomen whenever there's a slight breeze! I decided to keep this look casual with my new leather pants from Ralph Lauren. I was surprised that I could squeeze into these size 0 babies! I finished off my look with a necklace my mom gave me for my birthday ages ago and tortoise printed sunglasses I received courtesy of Polette. Hope you guys like this look! Until next time!