Year of the Ram

Happy Lunar New Year to my fellow Asians! May this year bring you lots of luck and prosperity! I actually started off my year by dissecting a sheep brain in lab... *Baaahhhh* I find anatomy incredibly fascinating so it's always fun to have the chance for some hands-on activities. Anyways, I have so much going on right now that it's been hard for me have regular posts. Filtering through pictures takes the longest time for me - do you guys have the same dilemma? Between research, school, and secret side shenanigans, getting a single moment to just sit back and relax seems so scarce and beautiful! I hope you guys enjoy this Oscar weekend - any bets on who's going to win? Until next time!

Asymmetrical Pencil Skirt

Here's a look at one of my casual work outfits. Whenever I'm shopping for pencil skirts, there are two things I look for: style and print. A classic pencil skirt is good but it's even better when there are ruffles, 3D appliqués, or in this case, an asymmetrical hem with faux-leather lining. It's appropriate for any work situation yet it has an interesting and unique appeal to it. I usually don't worry about the fit since numerous garments can be altered to perfectly fit your body... which was the situation for this skirt. To keep my ensemble professional, I paired this skirt with a silver boat neck sweater. After analyzing my outfit, I thought it looked plain so I added an orange leaf necklace - everything is better with a bit of color and personality! Until next time!