Faux Fur Stole

What to Wear with A Faux Fur Stole

The Faux Fur Stole. One of the best accessories for colder months.

Along with keeping you warm and toasty, this versatile piece can be worn around the neck or waist. I treated this as if it were a scarf so instead of leaving this stole hanging around my neck, I decided to belt it up! I've been very fond of the "belting up scarf" look ever since high school and that feeling was only heightened when Burberry showcased this look during their Fall / Winter 2014 Fashion Show. Instead of leaving the belt buckle exposed in front, I rotated it 180 degrees to the back - just a matter of preference.

To continue the color scheme, I wore a slouchy cashmere sweater I got from J. Crew. It's the comfiest thing ever but boy does it wrinkle! Good thing the stole covers up all those pesky wrinkles! I paired this outfit with my Zara skinny leather trim black pants and the latest addition to my closet - "OTK" (Over the Knee) suede boots by Ivanka Trump! I got these ravishing boots at Macy's for under $100 - Off 5th has them for under $100 HERE but many sizes are gone (I linked an alternative retailer below). What do I love about these OTK boots? They work well with pretty much everything! Besides, they're appropriate for work, school, and casual outings! I hope you guys are keeping warm and having fun shopping/eating this holiday season! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays - Until next time!

Lace on Crochet

What to Wear to Coachella - Lace and Crochet

Fashion is a form of art that allows everyone to express themselves without having to say a word. Regardless of the atmosphere, financial situation, or career, anyone can dabble at it. I love experimenting with patterns, fabrics, colors, and mixing high/low pieces together. Though I often turn my bedroom into what looks like a mile high clothing graveyard. Don't get me wrong... I know the location of approximately 98% of my clothes but sometimes the outfits I create in my head don't fair well on my body so it's off to the next idea!

On a surprisingly often note, I tend to find forgotten garments in the midst of my rampage. The sheer black ZARA turtleneck featured in this post was one of those lost treasures I recovered! It's an old piece I got about two or three years ago during my undergraduate years. My love for lace anything began very young and I've only grown fonder of it. Instead of pairing this with something basic and solid, I chose this FREE PEOPLE cream crochet skirt (I bought two so I'm selling the other one on my Poshmark account @adriennenguyenn). I believe the sheer, delicate lace and patterned crochet go well with each other. To minimize any distractions from my outfit, I kept my accessories within the same family of colors - tan, gold and black. Besides, I got to wear this flower necklace I've owned since middle school!

What To Wear to A Holiday Party

What to Wear to A New Year's Eve Party

The New Year's Eve Bash

My Insight: A party with friends or a get-together with family, start the year off with something sparkly! I love this sequin top from Oscar de la Renta - I fell in love with it the moment I first saw it in their collection! You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this ensemble. Though most of the focus remains on the top, I couldn't help pairing this too cute for words clutch from Kate Spade! Don't accessorize with too many bold accessories, you don't want to ruin the focus of your outfit!

Get the look: Oscar de la Renta Sequinned Feather-Hem Top / Topshop Popper Front Cigarette Trousers (Only $38!) / Jeffrey Campbell Tropicana Suede Black Heel / Kate Spade Square Gift Box Clutch / Jorge Morales White Zircon Sphere Cuff

What to Wear For A Casual Winter or Fall Date Night

The Holiday Dinner Out

My Insight: Yay, a chance to ditch those casual clothes you're wearing as you scramble for last minute gifts! Flats are comfy but for a night out, wear something with a heel! It'll make your outfit look that much better! Over the knee boots were invented quite some time ago however, they're definitely in this season and I'm sure they're here to stay! Since these boots will be reaching up towards your thighs, pair it with something on the shorter side like this pleated, leather mini skirt! I chose to pair this with a sleeveless turtleneck. Why? Since it's sleeveless, you won't experience that excess bulge, the possibility of pinching a nerve that makes your entire arm numb when you layer a jacket or coat over it and if the restaurant has the heat on full blast, you won't be sweating through dinner!

Get the look: Exclusive For Intermix Mira Tweed Knit Turtleneck / Stuart Weitzman Highstreet Suede Over the Knee Boots Polo Ralph Lauren Pleated Short Leather Skirt / Proenza Schouler Mini Crossbody / Pearl and Arrow 14K Yellow Gold Cuff / Eugenia Kim Antonia Fur Hair Tie /

What to Wear to A Casual Christmas Eve Dinner

The Christmas (Eve) Get-Together

My Insight: People love dressing up for these Christmas Eve parties but why not wear something comfortable? Comfy clothes allows you to stuff your face and spend quality time with loved ones. Besides, doesn't this outfit look cute! I found multiple ugly Christmas sweaters online and this was actually one of them. Maybe I'm insane but I do not think this remotely close to the typical ugly sweaters out there. Instead of pairing this with your typical blue washed denim jeans, I chose white pants.... It's Christmas, after all! I finished the look by accessorizing with grey hued pieces!

Get the look: Ugly Christmas Sweater / Eugenia Kim Mimi Fur PomPom Ear Beanie Hat / J. Brand Ankle Zipper White Pants  / Givenchy Pant Suede Wedge Boots / 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Metallic Leather Crossbody Satchel 

What to Wear to a Holiday Office Party The Office Party

My Insight: It's time to show off your more stylish side to fellow coworkers! Most of us do not have the luxury of working in areas with lenient dress codes. However, depending on the location of the event, whether it's after-work in the same building or elsewhere, your outfit might change. I am a researcher in the medical field so conservative attire is a must - the known standard, actually. Why I think the outfit above works? It's a fashionable yet it's a classy make-over of your typical skirt suit. Since the skirt is high waisted, it pairs perfectly with boxy crop tops (your abdomen is never revealed - whew, won't get axed for not obliging to protocol).

Get the look: Self-Portrait Arabella Guipure Lace Midi Skirt / Dorothy Perkins Cream Scallop Shell Top (Only $22!) / Kate Spade Turn Heads Pink Statement Necklace / Charlotte Russe Qupid Ankle Bow Pointed Toe D'Orsay Pumps (Only $30!) - Looks just like those drool-worthy bow pumps from Aminah Abdul Jillil J. Mendel Chevron Rue Minaudière

What to Wear to the Ballet and What to Wear to the Opera The Ballet or The Opera

My Insight: Definitely choose a long silhouette! But of course, your attire depends on the venue. If you're supporting a relative who happens to be an aspiring ballerina in a school production of The Nutcracker, a long gown is a tad bit over the top. The outfits above are suitable for nights out at possibly a performance of Pagliacci or any other professional production at the LA Opera or The Met. I love dressing up so when the occasion presents itself, I go all out! Keep in mind that the theater may have the heat or air conditioning on so make sure you're prepared for either! I created two outfits for this category (LEFT = Splurge and RIGHT = Steal) because not all of us can spend hundreds of dollars for one night out!
Get the look: 1. Badgley Mischka Signify Evening Sandals (Splurge) / 2. Lauren Cecchi Sorella Rose Bag (Splurge) / 3. Love Knot Bangle Bracelet  /  4. Elie Saab Lace-Trim Ruffle-Front Gown (Splurge) / 5. Marchesa Notte Eden Gown (Steal)  / 6.  Raye Blake Heel (Steal) / 7. Diane von Furstenburg Flirty Minaudière Clutch (Steal) / 8. LuLu Frost Portico Gold Plated Crystal Necklace
What to Wear to A Wedding - Flower Dresses

The Wedding

My Insight: I'm always lusting over wedding inspiration on Tumblr (#WeddingInspiration)! Delicate fabrics with ethereal hues are always on the top of my list - just check out my Tumblr to see all my loves! However, light fabrics are a sure source of static nightmares that mold the shape of your body, better than putty, during these colder months! Since weddings are, theoretically, fun and memorable events, choose something that will allow you to dance with ease, eat without having to suck in your belly afterwards, and of course, something upbeat and playful! The above dresses are both from Dolce & Gabbana. Yes, I am well aware of the absurdly high prices but we can all draw inspiration from these pieces, right? One of the shows I look forward to every season in Milan is by Dolce & Gabbana. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana never cease to amaze me - how do they come up with so many looks with so many flowers each season?! But I digress, I would definitely wear a floral dress to a wedding - it just screams cheery happiness!

Get the look: 1. Gucci Leila Ankle Strap Platform Sandal / 2. Charlotte Olympia Mobile Perspex Clutch  / 3. Dolce & Gabbana Rose Print Cotton Mini Dress / 4. Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print Textured Cotton Stretch Dress / 5. Steve Madden Sassey / 6. Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Black and White Scallop

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends - I avoided turkey and consuming large amounts of starchy foods so I didn't experience any food coma, whew! Maybe it's just me but holidays on the East Coast seem so much better. The snow. The homes. The decor. The warmth... Looking at all the holiday inspiration on Tumblr conjured up a lot of ideas and emotion. Plus, I love layering so colder temperatures would definitely suffice my desires. Possibly I'll be an East Coaster someday... A girl can dream, right?

Instead of waking up in the wee hours of the night, I decided to do some late afternoon shopping on Black Friday. Most of the good stuff was gone but I wanted to avoid the crowds... Boy, was I wrong. The amount of cars trying to get in and out of South Coast Plaza was insane - especially, with all those cones blocking parking areas. But once I made it out of the traffic, it was fairly easy to find parking underground. I scored some amazing things that I'll soon share on my instagram @adriennenguyenn

Holidays call for symphony concerts, the opera, themed musicals and other festivities. This is an outfit I would wear to a day concert - it's simple, in that it's black and white, yet sophisticated. An added bonus is this entire ensemble is comfortable! I love this newly acquired crochet/lace crop top from Sister Jane. My mom added a DIY satin black bow since it was plain without any neck details. Instead of opting for black skinny pants, I went for a more feminine and classic look with palazzo pants from Kensie. Since I am quite petite, I am always looking for ways to elongate my frame. The best way to achieve this, during colder seasons, is with high-waisted, flare pants. I also get to hide my sky high platforms! To add a hint of pizzazz, I paired my rather classic outfit with leopard print platform Mary-Janes by Pelle Moda. Until next time!

Irresistible Me

How to Wear Black Leather Shorts - How to Look Sophisticated in Black Leather Shorts
This look was taken some time ago when it was still warm in Southern California - the temperature has drastically dropped ever since! I recently acquired this oh so cute trapeze top from Forever 21 and I've been mixing it with different bottoms non-stop! I was going for something casual so I ended up pairing this top with my favorite leather shorts and tan heels!

Onward to the good stuff... this post marks the first time I ever used hair extensions. I typically spend more time on my hair than my makeup each morning - anyone with me? Every day seems to be some sort of bad hair day for me... my hair typically inverts and dances to it's own beat. If I'm fortunate to find a style that suits me, it doesn't exactly matter by the end of the day since my hair tends to flatten out. I'm the person who has to spray half a bottle of hair spray, tease my hair until it looks like a bird's nest, and use tons of mousse to keep my hair in tact.

So what's my hair really like? I have thick hair but it's also very fine. I never thought about using extensions as an alternative to teasing my hair for that voluminous effect. It was only until Irresistible Me that I saw the wonders of extensions. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you can see that my hair is voluminous in most posts - I can say with certainty that it took a lot of hair spray and teasing to achieve those looks. Now in this post, I didn't use ANY hair spray! I just clipped the pieces onto my head and was surprised at the volume of my hair! Yes, I still had to tease a few parts here and there but it managed to stay in tact!

The package comes with 10 pieces - 1 large and very thick piece, 2 medium pieces, 5 small pieces, and 2 additional clip-ons. I was surprised at how accurate the color was to my natural hair color! I have this unusual virgin hair color - it appears dark brown without any direct light however, my hair seems like it has highlights and turns medium brown under the sun.The clips are extremely reliable and stay in place - just make sure you actually clip it into your hair!

If your hair color resemble my natural color, then you should definitely get the Chocolate Brown extensions - I chose the 200 grams since I love having that voluminous effect! Check out Irresistible Me, HERE.


How to Wear a Mesh Bomber - Casual Everyday Outfit
A lightweight jacket perfect for summer and a possible layering piece for fall? This mesh bomber definitely fulfills both! You may have noticed this piece on my blog before when I posted it with my exercise attire (HERE). If there's something I love more than staple pieces (a plain white tee shirt, distressed jeans or a black coat), it's unexpected versatile and transitional treasures! This bomber worked perfectly for an off-duty look and I can see myself styling this in so many different ways! For instance, when the temperature permits, I can layer this underneath a few short sleeved sweaters or on top of some plain blouses! I cannot wait until it gets colder - anyone with me?

I linked some alternatives below so you can check them out - the first linked mesh bomber is on sale for $18! Get it now while sizes are still available! It looks identical to mine! Some say wear black when you feel like there's just nothing to wear in your closet so that I did.

For those of you checking out my blog for the first time, make sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my Poshmark @adriennenguyenn. I am updating my virtual closet everyday and many items are new with/out tags or gently worn! Help me save up money for tuition! Hope you guys like this post - until next time!


How to Wear a Neoprene Dress
Neoprene, neoprene, neoprene! This is the first neoprene item in my closet and I adore the fit - I love how it "poofs" out in all the right places. Plus, it's extremely lightweight! I kept this outfit simple by pairing this dress with black accessories (3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli and Baldinini Heels).

As a side note, it has been quite some time since I actually went out to take outfit pictures (around a month). The outfits I've been posting were taken 1-2 months ago. Yeah, I've been that busy.... However, I now have some free time so you guys can count on more recent pictures! Anyways, yesterday was my first free Saturday in about a month so I decided to purge my closet. I need to sell A LOT of my clothes to save up money for tuition! Checkout my Poshmark @adriennenguyenn. I am updating my virtual closet everyday and many items are new with/out tags or gently worn! Hope you guys like this post - until next time!


How to Look Good in a Forever 21 Dress
Hey, lovelies! I am truly sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks - I was invested in paving my own road towards the future. To all my readers out there, you probably noticed how my posts were becoming less frequent and far from loquacious (BAM - there's an SAT/GRE to feed your soul). Anyways, my blog started off as a personal space for me to share my life and fashion to others all around the world. I feel that I've lost touch of the true essence of my blog so I promise to put more effort into these posts.

I know it's not the end of the year yet but I found myself doing a lot of self-reflection these past few weeks. I was able to think back to my past accomplishments and to the many things I achieved in 2015. So why the sudden myriad of thoughts? Graduate school interviews! I only applied to a few schools in California and I received acceptance letters in less than a week from my interviews! I will definitely make a post on my entire experience in the future... if not so I can spill my heart into another outlet, then just so I can help future applicants. You can follow my experience on instagram @adriennenguyenn.

Onward to this outfit! I recently got this Aubergine V-Neck Dress from Forever 21! It's such a great piece since it's loose enough to hide that belly fat after a meal and it flows with the wind! Besides, who doesn't love this aubergine color? The dress looked a bit plain so I added my fedora and finished it off with my favorite leather pieces! My mom and I were on our way to the fabric store when we saw an abandoned restaurant so I hopped on in for a few shots... it smelled a bit funky though...

Only those who truly know me understand my tenacity. Thank you to all the fans who stuck with me while I was absent from the blogosphere. Until next time!

Mirror Image

how to wear shorts and high heels
I am getting tired of this humid weather in Southern California but I don't mind the cool nights. Nevertheless, I do hope the temperature starts decreasing soon - my winter clothes are just dying to be worn. I've been doing a lot of driving for short road trips up and down California... my eyes are straining but there is still so much left to do! But I had to stop and blog! Here is an easy, breezy outfit perfect for a scorching hot, summer day. I found these beautiful elastic band shorts at Nordstrom Rack in Metro Pointe and I was able to squeeze into these XS Carmen Marc Valvo babies. I love how it has pockets though it's quite useless to me. I kept my accessories in muted tones to keep the focus on my shorts but I couldn't resist wearing my mint cat-eye sunglasses!

I hope you guys enjoyed my previous NYFW roundup post. I will be doing the same thing for LFW, MFW, and PFW! Until next time!

Dots and Flowers : Pattern Mix

how to wear flowers and polka dots
Clashing patterns was one of my favorite past time activities... but I'm back at it again! I decided to pull out my ex-favorite ZARA polka dot shorts from my armoire to find that it is much shorter than I remembered. I'm positive I did not get any taller so I suppose my perception of length and sense of fashion was much different in college. To give this outfit an extra punch, I paired these shorts with a sheer dot and floral top - this top has just the right amount of patterns so I was able to wear it with a simple black bra without looking too s c a n d a l o u s. I kept the rest of my accessories in black to bring out my clothes.

Speaking of clothes, NYFW is about to start! It's a little heart breaking that Mercedes-Benz is no longer sponsoring New York Fashion Week, but change can be good! I cannot wait to see the spring/summer 2016 collections - especially the new locations! Although Lincoln center was THE MECCA for fashion enthusiasts and aficionados, I believe the new Skylight locations will live up or even exceed expectations! I will cover my favorite collections in upcoming posts! Stay tuned!

To all my American readers, I hope you had a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Kashmir Tent Dress

Free People Kashmir Tent Dress
Although summer hasn't officially reached its denouement, school is starting again and morning commutes will, once again, be horrendous. But the one perk about getting your geek on, again? The amazing S A L E S! I'm sure you have all heard of the major retailer, Macy's. If you haven't visited their website or stores in a while, NOW is the time! They are having a blowout sale for all your back to school clothing necessities! Dresses for under $20? Tops for under $15? They have everything to fit any price range and personality! Remember to use the PROMO Code: 'BTS' to get 20% OFF and get free shipping on all orders over $75!

I bought this Free People dress during the sale and it's perfect to combat the humid Southern California heatwave! Plus, you can do braless - definitely a pro! Even with this cut, the chest portion stays in place whether you're bending to pick something up or twirling around. But I must say, the back of this dress is so much better! Just look at the tassel details! Free People is included in the Macy's sale so hurry before your size disappears! Until next time!

IfChic - Southerner

how to dress like a southern belle

Clothes that are practically free? Whoop Whoop! This Keepsake Divide Skirt was purchased with virtual coins/tokens on the IFCHIC website! Now some of you may be a tad bit skeptical about purchasing items from an unknown retailer, trust me, I've been in that same position, however, this website is safe - I always do my research before releasing any of my personal information online. IFCHIC is located in Los Angeles and carries many independent brands as well as well known labels. The average item costs around $100-$200 however, you can earn $180 towards purchases on the 24th of each month! That's right! All you have to do is create an account and click on rotating gold tokens that appear on random pages of the IFCHIC website. The catch? You can collect a maximum of $6 per day (for a maximum total of $180 each month) and you can ONLY use these tokens on the 24th of each month. So make sure you visit their page each day to collect your coins!

Once you place an order, IFCHIC ships your items off which come enclosed in a dust bag! Anyways, I've been eyeing this Keepsake skirt for quite a while so when the opportunity presented itself - I snatched it up. This skirt works well for a typical day out and embodies the femininity of a Parisian woman. I wanted this outfit to be as light as possible so my mom made this sweetheart bodice top for me to pair with this floral midi, pleated skirt! Use your tokens at the next #ifchic24 event on August 24th!!

Now location!! From the moment I laid eyes on this skirt, I knew I did not want a modern background. I wanted something vintage. I wanted something with a past. So what better location than the Mission Inn! Sure, the wedding reception and construction prevented access to certain locations but just look at this view! It's been around a year since Jonathan and I ventured to this place so we got a bit lost but exploring a beautifully haunted place? No biggie. Hope you guys like the pictures! Until next time!

IFCHIC - Greylin Sweater Dress

how to wear a sweater dress
Can I get a virtual raise of hands to those who LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping? Lots of emphasis on the word L O V E. But what if I told you that you could get free clothes each month! Yeah, you read that correctly, F R E E! Your eyes are not deceiving you!

I recently discovered an online retailer called, IFCHIC. They carry various independent brands, that you don't typically see in stores, along with some well known labels such as Alexander Wang and The Row. At first glance, you may notice that the average cost of an item ranges from $100-$200. HOWEVER, *cue suspenseful drumroll* you can earn $180, in IFCHIC tokens, towards your purchases on the 24th of EACH month! You can start collecting tokens after you make an account on IFCHIC. You'll see some pop-up prompts, either on the left or right hand side, with a rotating golden token. You can collect up to a maximum of $6 per day. What's the catch? You can ONLY use these IFCHIC tokens on the 24th and you can never collect more than $180 each month. So make sure to visit their site each day to collect your tokens!

This Greylin, Luisa Sleeveless Sweater Dress was purchased with IFCHIC tokens on their site! They ship extremely fast and the packaging is perfect! I know it's summer but this dress was calling my name! It works well for the office with d'Orsays and transitions perfectly into my after 5 attire. All you have to do is throw on a motorcycle jacket and this dress is date night ready!

So start collecting those tokens to use it at their next #ifchic24 event on August 24th!! Until next time!

Working Crop Tops into Fall

how to wear a crop top during fall
This is probably the most inappropriate post for a Californian in August but not to worry, this was taken about a month ago. If you know me personally, then you must know that my collection of crop tops is growing at an absurd rate. Bet you can guess what one of my go to pieces for summer is! The infamous C R O P  T O P !! It works well for a casual day out, with a bikini on the beach, with jeans to school, and even to the office with a high waisted pencil skirt! Now if that isn't versatile enough, it can also be worked into your fall attire! YAY!

I love creating new outfits with old favorites such as this sheer Z A R A cat top. I can't recall how many ways I've worn this top - with dresses, with pants, with skirts... the list goes on. For this particular outfit, I paired this ZARA top under my T O P S H O P crop top. To finish off this look, I added my favorite leather shorts! Have you guys ever worn leather when it's hot? It's grueling - trust me! Not convinced? Just YouTube "Ross in leather pants." High five to anyone who watches(ed) F R I E N D S !

I hope you guys are enjoying the last month of summer! Until next time!

Body by Victoria

body by victoria
A lingerie post in collaboration with none other than Victoria's Secret and ShopAtHome.com! I was so thrilled when I received these delicate pastel pink pieces *SQUEALS* I will give you guys my honest opinion about these three newly released "B O D Y  B Y  V I C T O R I A" bras so scroll along and get ready for detailed pictures!

Before ripping open my package and putting these bad boys on, I took the FIT QUIZ available on the Victoria's Secret website. I usually have a difficult time purchasing bras since I want something a French woman would wear (delicate, seductive yet sophisticated) but I also need it to fit! I have this love-hate relationship with push-up bras but this quiz walks you through all possible problems! For instance, one question asks whether or not you have gaps whenever you wear a bra. This quiz covers practically every problem you might encounter whenever you're trying on a bra. What's the plus side to purchasing the recommended bra through this FIT QUIZ? It's RISK FREE! If you purchase the suggested size but it's still not quite right, you can return it for free - NO shipping or handling charge!

** ATTENTION ** Starting July 28th - August 2nd, Victoria's Secret will be running a Body by Victoria (BBV) Sweepstakes! Purchase any BBV bra and enter to win a JAGUAR! Incentive, much?  


Cupcakes & Caffeine

how to wear graphic tees
I don't typically wear graphic tees so this happens to be one of those rare occasions. The only time I do sport something similar is when I'm terribly cold and studying within the confines of my room. Hello, big fluffy sweaters with my Alma Mater's acronyms! But cupcakes and caffeine? I'll make an exception and expose this top to the world! I paired this with my new favorite jeans from PAIGE. I own numerous flare jeans / bell bottoms yet none seem to hug my thighs like these. I think it gives my legs more shape... Besides, it makes my booty pop! Now, who doesn't want that? I am quite petite in frame so I try to buy bottoms that have the ability to elongate my frame. I steer clear from from skin tight jeans (cue *Katy Perry*) and bubble anything... Skinny jeans aren't my friends unless I pair them with boots or some sort of heel.

I decided to make my posts more personal and attempt to reach out to all of you! I would love to establish some long lasting relationships with my dear readers. I don't post too often so keep updated with me on Instagram and Twitter. I hope you guys enjoy this post! Scroll down to see my picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary SALE!


how to wear a suede dress
A boxy suede dress is typically a foe for summer yet I still decided to put it on. (Un)Fortunately, this gloomy Southern California day brought rain (YAY for being able to survive in this dress but BOO since it (kind of?) damaged my dress and d'Orsay's!). I found this Kate Moss for TOPSHOP suede dress as I was rummaging through racks of spring clothes! It's the perfect transitional piece for work and a casual day out. The tiny slit on the left hand side allows for more movement. Don't you hate it when you try on dresses you really like only to find out that it prevents you from making any sort of movement?

On another note, I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day weekends! I must say, the illegal fireworks firing all around Orange County were much better than Disneyland's. Anyways, check back soon because I will be posting my top picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Until then!

Cropping Work Attire

how to look fashionable in a pencil skirt
Black. White. Navy Blue. Brown. Those are the predominating colors in the workforce. Professional? Yes. But, don't you get tired of having such a depressing looking closet? Sure, I love wearing all black when I'm running errands and the likes... But if I have to be around the same people in an enclosed capacity for extended periods of time, I'd like some variation - in color AND style. Or to quote Elle Woods, "a little something extra."  Don't get me wrong. I understand most places enforce a strict dress code policy, which I respect. However, I try to bend the rules as much as possible. *Wink Wink* I spend the majority of my time conducting research in a tower (waiting for my prince charming - I kid!). So I can usually dress the way I want... within reason, of course! Nevertheless, I do conform to the dress code whenever I work at the hospital.

As for this particular outfit, I got my inspiration from Suits. Do any of you watch that show? It is one of my all time favorites! I've watched the entire series, up to this point, f i v e times in its entirety! MEGA FAN! The women on that show have very different styles yet they're all very refined and classic. I emulated one of Rachel Zane's crop top and pencil skirt variations with a slight twist. I found this amazing Clover Canyon Crop Top on sale (I linked a very similar one) and paired it with this H&M pencil skirt that I have owned for years! I typically buy lots of bottoms and tops that don't mix well so when I find a pair that fits, I'm beyond ecstatic! I hope you enjoy this post! Until next time!

SugarPLUM Fairy

how to make a cape top look casual
Cue Nutcracker music! I remember playing this piece and numerous other soundtracks in orchestra... oh, memories. I enjoyed performing each score then (re)watching the movie to pick up all the details *music nerd*! Nevertheless, I came up with this niffy title, SugarPLUM Fairy, because of this adorable cape top! I'm a bit indifferent to purple... I don't own many items in this color scheme but I'm crushing on plum. I might even be bold enough to say that it's one of my favorite colors! This top has been in my possession for almost a year yet it's been quite difficult to find a matching bottom. I finally settled with my brown leather pants and I believe it worked out just fine, wouldn't you agree?I finished this outfit off with heels and a necklace following the purple scheme. Until next time!

Classic Floral Crochet

how to look classy in an all black outfit
What do I usually wear when I'm running late to class or have some errands to finish? Anything black. It's the most versatile "c o l o r" that goes with practically everything! It also works for numerous occasions and events... well, except weddings!

For this outfit, I channeled a darker side of my inner Southern Belle. I already miss seeing Lemon Breeland's fruity ensembles - she was meticulous about her appearance and she could do no wrong! But, I digress. I recently added this incredible crochet midi skirt to my collection and I can already see it as a great seasonal piece. Instead of pairing this with your typical black top and either tucking it in or leaving it out, I decided to crop it. Why? Showing a sliver of my abdomen warranted a more summery look as opposed to a regular top. To transition this skirt into fall, I would toss on a cape or an over the shoulder coat. Want to make this look a little more rebellious? Why not try a motorcycle jacket? Until next time!


How to Wear a Sheer Collar Shirt with Jeans
Hey guys! I have been M.I.A. for the past month since I had so many things going on! Wish I could discuss the details but it's a secret for now! My schedule will allow for a bit more flexibility come next week (after finals are over)!

I have so many outfit posts to share but I never got around to filtering through them! Anyways, this is a typical casual day outfit for me. I love wearing flared denim since it always gives the illusion of longer legs - something my petite frame definitely needs! These particular jeans are from PAIGE and I love the way it hugs my legs. I then topped this look off with a sheer shirt from 10 Crosby by Derek Lam and a sleeveless vest!

As you scroll down this post, you'll notice that I'm not wearing sunglasses *gasp* Well, I'm still wearing a type of eyeglass that protects from blue light emitted from all your electronic devices. Polette offers very affordable glasses to protect your eyes from these harmful lights. These lenses come with or without prescription and are very comfortable. With the increasing use of our laptops, phones, television and the like, we need to take better care of our eyes! Visit Polette HERE.

Made To Fit

PIOL Custom Made Yellow Shift Dress
Have you ever been in a situation where you fell in love with a dress but it just looked terrible once you put it on? The whole "It looks so much better on the mannequin or hanger." Maybe it was too short, too big or too tight on you. Well, PIOL solves this dilemma.

They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but we are all guilty of forming some sort of judgement on others based on their appearance, myself included. Those who wear tailored clothing have a bigger presence, seem professional and more confident. The PIOL system takes tailoring clothes to the next level- it's a really fun process that you have to try for yourself! They offer very simple silhouettes that can be worn to the office and straight into the weekend - now, who doesn't love versatility! What I loved most about this dress was it's quality both inside and out. You can just tell how much dedication is put into their craft! They have a plethora of fabrics, colors, necklines and sleeves to choose from!

If you have been following my blog, you know that this is the second time I created a dress with PIOL. Check out my first dress featuring a very similar silhouette here.

 Create your own custom-made dress at PIOL.

Popsicles on the Run

How do you guys keep in shape? I enjoy yoga and running! I try to run at least twice a week (I successfully ran 4 times this week *jump for joy*) and I do yoga every day. I slacked off for a month and all my hard work disappeared FAST... Besides, I eat a lot of junk food. So I decided to pump up my exercise routine this month by running more. I will also try eating cleaner by the end of this month... after I finish eating all the snacks I have laying around (Bring on the OREO'S!!!).

Anyways, I'm the type of girl who likes listening to really loud music, complete with an over-usage of beats, when I'm running alone. I frequently update my playlist so I don't get bored but I still wind up being able to predict the next song... I tend to run really fast so I need something that can stay in my ears and theoretically block out all my surroundings. I recently received headphones from Ankit and they're the cutest thing ever! I was surprised by the amount of noise they were able to block out! Plus, which girl doesn't want a fashionable accessory for her ears! See more details here. Remember to follow me on instagram @adriennenguyenn - I will put close up pictures of these earbuds within the hour!

Swarm of Bees

This post is an ode to Coachella. Well, just me wishing I was there! For those of you who are following me on my instagram, you already know the back-story to this picture. But for those of you who aren't....

My mom and I decided to go to this very bare and rustic area to take some outfit shots of my boho look. I scouted the area with Jonathan a few years ago so I had a pretty good feel of my surroundings. Many cyclists and runners frequent the area so we ventured into one of the closed off paths to avoid the crowd. As my mom was taking the last few shots, I heard a very distinct buzz coming from behind. Of course, I assumed it was a fly just buzzing by. My mom stopped taking pictures because she thought there was a lot of "pollen" floating behind me. I turned around and to my dismay... it was a swarm of bees! HUNDREDS of them! *Signal Sympathetic Nervous System* Yeah, that's right. The first picture of this post features me standing in front of a swarm of surprisingly friendly bees!

I ran to my mom like a mad woman and we both crouched on the ground right next to each other. It probably took only a minute for them to pass by but it felt like a lifetime! I have been stung by a bee before and it is definitely NOT FUN. When I got back to my car, I regretted not taking a selfie with my mom while the bees were passing overhead! It would have been a classic KODAK moment. Anyways, I hope you like my outfit! I decided to keep it simple and added a few brown accessories to make my look appear bohemian.

Woolly Mammoth

It's blazing hot in Southern California so do not let this outfit mislead you! I just forgot to post it during Winter *whoops!* The weather is perfect though it has been quite breezy the past few days. I spent most of my spring break running, sleeping in, and getting other projects in full swing! I find myself always having to sort out my priorities. I never actually have any free time and there's always something on my plate. Even studying becomes hard when there's so much to do. Now it's back to school and the amount of work I have to do will never cease.

Anyways, I decided to keep my outfit simple so I paired this plaid Free People skirt with a black turtleneck from Zara. To protect myself from the insane winds we were experiencing that day, I tossed on a faux-fur vest. Gold accessories seem to always make an outfit look so much better so I incorporated it through the means of a necklace, cross-body, belt, and boots! ...Until next time!

Picking Flowers

Even though it's sunny year round in California, I'm quite glad Spring arrived! Pastels, floral prints... Yes, I know "groundbreaking" but it just tickles me! I cannot wait to get my hands on some key pieces that caught my eye at Zara, Banana Republic, and J. Crew! I will probably make a Spring Essentials post in the near future!

Spring gives me a chance to empty out my closet. I scavenge through all my stuff each year but I find myself unable to let go of anything. I take down many things only to find myself putting them back up - does anyone else have this problem? I've been better with donating my clothes or selling them on Poshmark though I become attached with so many of my things. This time will be different. IT MUST. My closet is ready to burst so stay updated with my Poshmark closet; I will be updating it with a bunch of things this April! Until next time!

Leather and Fringe

Happy March! I just finished an intensive round of exams and I have two major essays due within the next two weeks. But you know what? I'm actually happy! I love being a student and keeping busy though managing work and my other endeavors is gradually reducing the amount of sleep I get each night (I'm averaging about 4 hours per weekday). However, I'm so thankful for the opportunities I've had this year and the incredible people who have impacted me along the way. Yes, I know it's just March but there's so much ahead in the future! I'm actually getting closer to finishing my research project, FINALLY! I cannot wait to see article in a medical journal. Just when things were getting slow with research, I had the amazing opportunity of being able to contribute to two other papers! Even though I won't be the first author on these, I still consider them an accomplishment!

Onwards to my outfit! I have fallen in love with the fringe trend! I find myself gravitating towards any fringy garment... whether it's a jacket (as seen HERE) or a top, I'll be in line to purchase it! I especially like this one since the fringe is made from leather and it exposes the abdomen whenever there's a slight breeze! I decided to keep this look casual with my new leather pants from Ralph Lauren. I was surprised that I could squeeze into these size 0 babies! I finished off my look with a necklace my mom gave me for my birthday ages ago and tortoise printed sunglasses I received courtesy of Polette. Hope you guys like this look! Until next time!

Year of the Ram

Happy Lunar New Year to my fellow Asians! May this year bring you lots of luck and prosperity! I actually started off my year by dissecting a sheep brain in lab... *Baaahhhh* I find anatomy incredibly fascinating so it's always fun to have the chance for some hands-on activities. Anyways, I have so much going on right now that it's been hard for me have regular posts. Filtering through pictures takes the longest time for me - do you guys have the same dilemma? Between research, school, and secret side shenanigans, getting a single moment to just sit back and relax seems so scarce and beautiful! I hope you guys enjoy this Oscar weekend - any bets on who's going to win? Until next time!

Asymmetrical Pencil Skirt

Here's a look at one of my casual work outfits. Whenever I'm shopping for pencil skirts, there are two things I look for: style and print. A classic pencil skirt is good but it's even better when there are ruffles, 3D appliqués, or in this case, an asymmetrical hem with faux-leather lining. It's appropriate for any work situation yet it has an interesting and unique appeal to it. I usually don't worry about the fit since numerous garments can be altered to perfectly fit your body... which was the situation for this skirt. To keep my ensemble professional, I paired this skirt with a silver boat neck sweater. After analyzing my outfit, I thought it looked plain so I added an orange leaf necklace - everything is better with a bit of color and personality! Until next time!


Smells like TEAM spirit! It's time to feast on unhealthy appetizers and gather round the television to watch the S U P E R B O W L !! Who are you guys rooting for? I'm hoping this years game is better than the debacle of 2014... We practically knew who was going to win after the first play! Anyways, a football viewing party calls for lots of food and this is a typical outfit I usually wear to the market. To give this otherwise simple outfit a kick, I added my Steve Madden Work Boot Mules which I believe complimented my outfit very well. Hope you guys keep safe this weekend! Until next time!

Ruffles and Frills

Here is my rendition of a classic black and white look with a pop of color! I recently found this ruffled top in the back of my closet - I honestly didn't even know I had this! To make this outfit a tad bit playful, I paired it with my leopard, calf hair Mary Janes from Pelle Moda. Anyways, the wind typically flattens and messes up my hair so please excuse the lack of volume. I would love to experiment with a new haircut but I am not sure what to do. I was thinking about trying the "SWAG." Seriously, who names these?  But it's a very bohemian look with waves and bangs - Taylor Swift recently rocked this look at the AMA's. It would require a tremendous amount of maintenance and I have extremely flat hair so this may not be the best option. Maybe I will just cut off a few inches... Until next time!

Little Darling

Hey everyone! I have been working on something major for the past few months and it finally came to life this past week so pardon my delay - I cannot wait to reveal details about it in the future! After being cooped up indoors for so long, it felt nice being outside and immersed in the sun. Do you guys have any traditions you partake in after something stressful (e.g., an exam or the likes)? Writing that makes me want to start something such as gobbling up some apple pie! Well, even though I managed to pull myself through that intense whirlwind, I have many more obstacles to overcome in the near future. But it's the end result that matters right? The taste of sweet victory on your lips is the best.

I received these round, orange sunglasses from Polette last year and I finally had the chance to wear them! I found that it went well with many of my summer and spring attire however, it was next to impossible to try to pull those outfits off during this time of year. So I decided to incorporate these bad boys with this particular outfit. I think the pop of color adds a nice contrast, do you? Anyways, Polette sunglasses was created by Pierre Wizman. With only 2000 euros, he soon became a leader of the online optical market and garnered over 2 million euros within a year. Must be wondering how that happened, huh? Not only do they carry prescription lenses and sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors, the prices are unbeatable. Polette is able to offer extremely low prices since they omitted the middle man. Once an order is placed, Polette contacts the factory to make and ship the item directly to the customer. Though the eyewear is inexpensive, this does not mean it is of poor quality. Make sure to check them out via facebook, instagram and twitter!

Power Dressing

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you all the best for this beautiful, coming new year! Many of you are returning to work or school this week and it definitely does seem like a drag. However, the sudden heat wave frolicking through California does make things easier! Ice cream and tank tops during Winter? Don't mind if I do. Anyways, have you guys made any New Years Resolutions? Mine include academics, business, health and blogging, of course! I am going to put more effort towards my posts including the integration of creative sections such as my Closet Essentials which proved rather popular to my readers. So to start off the new year, I wanted to shared a hidden gem that's been collecting a bit of dust in my closet - my Tory Burch polka dot coat! I wanted to create a sophisticated yet fun look so I paired this with a shirt dress I got from Nordstrom while I still a youngin` in college. Pairing this coat with a white sheath looked too bland for me (possibly good for the office) so I chose a more adventurous route with bold colors.