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What To Pack | Summer Travels

Saturday, June 14, 2014

With Summer creeping up on us, I wanted to share some things I would pack for my summer get away. I subdivided these into different categories to make it easier for you guys to see the I attire I would wear to these specific regions. First up, the beach - obviously! Though I am a native Californian, I haven't frequented the beach as much as some tourists to Southern California, yikes! However, I have basked on the beach numerous times this year and I cannot wait until the weather heats up so I can finally wear a bikini. One tropical destination I would love to visit is Maldives. I believe this bright floral bikini, from Dolce and Gabbana, along with some neutral accessories from Eugenia Kim, Gucci, Casadei and Tory Burch, would be perfect amongst the clear blue skies.

Why just have one bikini when you can have two? Another one of my favorites is this black floral two piece which is also by Dolce and Gabbana. When the sun disappears and the moon emerges from the dark, ink sky, a cover-up is necessary! I know those are usually thin and full of patterns and designs but for colder nights, a simple black eyelet dress with sandals will do.
 Next is the Dock/Pier. Although this is literally in the same atmosphere as the beach, I have chosen an outfit I believe works quite well for times when you just want to avoid the sand and stay on land. Whenever I am at the beach, I opt for loose fitting items and let the wind work its' magic - talk about picture perfect! I also want to be comfortable so these Chloe mules (that I have been crushing on for a while) will do the trick!

 Last up is an everlasting (I wish) road trip across America! For me, long car rides scream for ULTRA comfortable clothes. Basic shirts, shorts, boots, sandals and sneakers are a must. For those who are planning on walking through mountains, these black Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers or beige Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers can endure the rough land. One thing I love most about road trips, besides the view, are the pit stops at the most random diners along the way to my destination. For quick runs in and out of restaurants and gas stations, sandals, especially these Nicholas Kirkwoods, are the best solution to provide ease of movement and allow your feet to breathe. One last note is to bring a backpack (I am in love with this one from Salar!) to store all your goods in a secure place!

For those of you who love to look super chic even when you're traveling in a small enclosed place for several hours, why not try a bohemian ensemble such as the one below. Complete with a crochet top from Ralph Lauren, embroidered denim shorts from Dsquared2, an adorable drawstring backpack from Stella McCartney (an item I'm currently lusting for), and simple tan boots from Joie.

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