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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

HEALTHY SKIN. I believe that it is crucial to keep my skin moisturized every day especially during Autumn and Winter. I have a mix of dry and oily skin so it is hard to find a single product that can combat both of these issues. When I began using products on my face, I had this preconceived notion that if I use "above average" creams, such as Shiseido, my skin would show less dryness. However, my skin is extremely sensitive so this led to the formation of prominent dry patches on my face! NOT what I wanted! I quickly tried to find a remedy for my skin by using drug store creams such as Neutrogena which resulted in no improvement - it actually caused a burning sensation on my face! At this point, I was extremely frustrated since no product was able to match my skin's needs. I was in desperate need for oxygenated skin! Anyways, I am a member of iFabbo and I saw that they were offering a moisturizer called Hydroxatone to their bloggers. I usually do not use products that are not well known until I do a bit of background research so I did just that. Not only does this moisturizer work for my skin, it has the ability to fade dark spots on my face! Seriously! I have some scars from past acne problems (oh, the joy of teenage years!) and I saw that they began to fade after a couple weeks of use! Not only is this product affordable but it works! No, I am not just saying that because they sponsored this post (I tend to speak my mind - read my other sponsored posts). This moisturizer has the ability to protect my skin from damaging UV rays and it has the ability to keep my skin looking rejuvenated! Purchase this product HERE!

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  1. Helpful post! really enjoyed reading through your blog!