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PSYCHEDELIC ALLURE. My summer is officially over... Although I am only taking one class this summer, I will be hard at work at research for the rest of the year. For those of you who are following me on Twitter and Instagram, you already know that I presented my research at the Undergraduate Symposium. My mentor and I would like to publish my material in a medical journal so I will be updating my data as much as I can... It would be pretty awesome to see my name in a journal with all my research. Since I graduated, I am no longer a BIO 199 researcher however, I UPGRADED to a junior specialist! As of now, I am taking it easy. It has been quite some time since I actually had a summer vacation. Anyways, the weather is perfect in California and I cannot wait to share more outfit posts with you guys! Thanks for all your support thus far!


Leather & Lace

SUMMER.  If you guys saw my last post or tweets, then you already know that I graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences last Sunday! Although I participated in the graduation ceremony, I will be taking one more class this summer which starts on Monday, the 24th. After this class, I will be officially done with my undergraduate career. So what's next? I am taking some time off to improve my resume for graduate school. For the remainder of this year and next, I will devote an enormous amount of time to research and starting personal endeavors. Fortunately, I already found a job as a junior specialist and I will continue volunteering through various organizations.

For those of you who do not have plans on attending a health related graduate school (medical, pharmacy, dental, etc.), all I can say is that it is extremely competitive. GPA's must be high (above 3.5 GPA ) and clinical/research/volunteer experiences are crucial to the application. Personal statements, letters of recommendations, lists of activities, and manually typing in my coursework along with my grades... it's going to be fun. If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll be asked to complete and secondary/supplemental application. Hooray to more essays - I love writing so YAY! Then comes interviews. For those who do not know, potential students have to fly to interviews. Sounds fun but it is definitely nerve racking. There was this guy in my class who applied to 31 schools, got only 1 interview and was not accepted. He had an amazing GPA and scores too! Hopefully I stick out to some  schools when I apply! Fingers crossed!

Anyways, I received the perfect summer top c/o OASAP which can be purchased HERE. Instead of pairing this with a skirt, as I usually would, I decided to match this with leather quilted shorts. This top was a bit long for me, I am 5'3, so I had to tuck it in lest have it appear as if I am wearing a dress. The outfit seen here is simple and can be worn out with friends or to a casual party!




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