Woven Ties

SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEF that I should begin telling my story through text and photographs on my blog. I was once accustomed to documenting every miniscule detail of my life in countless journals until I began college. Though I had many reasons that led to the termination of jotting my daily thoughts onto paper, I suddenly feel the urge to write again...When I began pursuing undergraduate courses, I lost sight of myself. I entered believing that I had to omit certain passions to do well, to push aside previous hobbies to make room for medically related activities, to commit every single day to the "art" of studying and burying myself in textbooks. But I was wrong. Enjoying yourself and your time is a crucial component toward succeeding in life. Yes, I did maintain my blog throughout college but this creative outlet wasn't enough for me. Before I even had the notion of what personal style or fashion blogging was, I was genuinely engrossed by the craft of photography. My amateur photographs rendered me some devoted fans on my deviantart account and I looked forward to each day since it was an occasion for me to experiment. However, my affection for photography seemed to vanish within the summer. As a recent college graduate, who is studying for the biggest exam of my life, thus far, I will be reigniting my previous passions. Why would I do such a thing at a time like this? Simple. I need to enjoy life to not lose focus on my goals. Although I will devote a tremendous amount of time toward my studies, I also need to do things I enjoy. Expect more rambles such as this and be on the lookout for my photography in posts to come.

London Calling

 ROYAL STAMPS dress courtesy of Persun which can be purchased HERE. For those of you who have been following my blog, you might have noticed that I am incredibly fond of the retro 70's look. The bright color scheme evokes a sense of optimism and exhilaration... possibly similar to something a person on LSD might experience? Haha, I wouldn't know. Anyways, this simple dress encompasses many things I adore from bright colors to vintage stamps with a British theme. I chose to accessorize by stacking numerous colored bracelets on my arm however I did not wear a necklace to keep the focus on my dress. To finish off my look, I wore nude colored sandals to give the illusion of added height.

Flower Bomb

 TRANSITIONING TO AUTUMN WEATHER which means the holiday season is looming amongst us. Pumpkins of all shapes and colors, potpourri pine-cones emitting a spicy cinnamon aroma, foiled chocolate bars and scarecrows producing their best grin can be found in every market. The thrill of finding or creating the perfect costume to impersonate someone, or thing, you love or aspire to be is enticing. Going door to door and receiving chocolate or candy fills every void in the hearts of children. Oh, how I miss being a kid. But how times have changed...it just doesn't feel the same as it did 10 years ago. The magic and allure of the wicked holiday has completely vanished and has been replaced with greedy teenagers in skanky costumes (though not all, of course). Do you guys still dress up or have any continuing Halloween traditions? 

As for this outfit, I wanted to wear this dress before the crisp, fall weather came in full swing. Even though this dress is pretty in itself, I wanted to add accessories. I paired this dress with a golden necklace to enhance the collar and draw attention to the white piping on the dress. I also added an emerald necklace to give my outfit a little something extra. Additionally, I decided to wear my heart shaped clutch again and I believe it matches well with this outfit! Hope you like it!

Autumn Gloom

SOMBER OCTOBER BREEZE dissipating over Orange County. Even though Autumn recently began, this cold air is moving over Southern California rapidly. Afternoons are still terribly humid however, coats are definitely a must for evening outings or classes. I forgot my cardigan in the car a few nights ago so when I left class to head toward my car, every step I took produced a shiver up my spine as I faced the piercing cold in a sleeveless dress... yay! Autumn brings about my favorite weather which is perfect for dressing up! I love gloomy, rainy days and it feels more magical with the holiday season around the corner! Anyways, Jonathan and I decided to go to Balboa Island and we took a few quick outfit shots with this colorblock Tahari coat. Oh, I just casually jump onto vespa's belonging to other people without their permission for the sake of blogging - just kidding it belonged to a local food mart. I'm not that rebellious, haha.