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Shades of Grey

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ROMAN NUMERALS on the tungsten ring I recieved c/o of Modern Design. The packaging I recieved for this ring reminded me of Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian dolls, since it was placed in numerous envelopes and boxes (I posted a picture on my twitter!). Although the tungsten rings featured on their site seem as if they are only fit for males, I believe these rings can also be worn by women. The simplicity of the design demands attention while screaming out power and confidence. The ring itself, is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable - I already dropped it numerous times and it has yet to show any visible scratches! I would definitely recommend this ring, or rather this company, Modern Design, to anyone looking for masculine rings or androgynous jewelry to spruce up their personal style. Anyways, I have one more class before finals and then I will be officially DONE with my undergraduate career! Finally, a real summer break... 

// ZARA Dress // LOUIS VUITTON Bag // DVF Heels // CHANEL Sunnies // MODERN DESIGN Ring (PURCHASE HERE)// ZARA Belt // Pin from MICHAEL'S //

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