Shades of Grey

ROMAN NUMERALS on the tungsten ring I recieved c/o of Modern Design. The packaging I recieved for this ring reminded me of Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian dolls, since it was placed in numerous envelopes and boxes (I posted a picture on my twitter!). Although the tungsten rings featured on their site seem as if they are only fit for males, I believe these rings can also be worn by women. The simplicity of the design demands attention while screaming out power and confidence. The ring itself, is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable - I already dropped it numerous times and it has yet to show any visible scratches! I would definitely recommend this ring, or rather this company, Modern Design, to anyone looking for masculine rings or androgynous jewelry to spruce up their personal style. Anyways, I have one more class before finals and then I will be officially DONE with my undergraduate career! Finally, a real summer break... 

Denim Affair

BEACH WEATHER. It was a beautiful day in Southern California so I decided to go out with Jonathan. Our intention was to go to Griffith Observatory (did any of you guys see the supermoon!?) however, the 405 was horrible so we took a detour to Long Beach. We went to the Queen Mary and there was a dog show! Anyways, I wanted to go on the spirit tour but its only on certain days at midnight! I have read stories about people encountering peculiar things on board... I wonder if any of those are true! Yes, I do believe in ghosts and such, I have had my own personal encounters. Anyways, I never had a chance to share this black beaded bracelet with you guys! I received it from Iristy some time ago and delicate details are impeccable!


Tropical Sorbet

SUMMER DAYS call for bright, bold colors in heat defying materials (Hah - I wish someone could invent some sort of fabric like that)! I received this Floral Blouse from PERSUN, a global online store. A majority of clothes I purchased this year have some sort of floral print on them so I was ecstatic when I received this shirt - an undershirt is also included! When I first tried on this blouse, I paired it with distressed denim however, it just did not feel right. So I scavenged my closet for a skirt that matched. Unfortunately, nothing did so my mom made this circle skirt for me! To keep the bright color scheme, I decided to pair this outfit with orange sunnies, an orange belt and a coral satchel. I did not want to go overboard with colors so I chose to wear nude sandal heels. As a side note, check out DASANI!

As for life, I finished two weeks of school - three more weeks to go! We have a quiz at the beginning of each lecture and it counts for 60% of our grade so I will have to study again soon! Anyways, I hope my fellow Americans enjoyed Independence Day!