Monday, March 25, 2013

SPRING BREAK has officially begun however I am sick... Unfortunately, I cannot do much since my throat is aching and my muscles are all sore (indication of the flu, no?) so I will be quarantined in my room studying for exams. Although I believe people get better much faster when they go out and immerse themselves into the community, I do need to dedicate time toward studying. I wish I had a boat so I could just go out into the middle of the ocean and study - don't you think that would be nice? 

For my first two years as an undergraduate, I would constantly dress up to school and events. My third year marked the downfall of this and come senior year I found myself looking for more comfortable clothes that I could toss on with some accessories and military boots or flats. This ensemble resembles something I would wear to school minus the heels of course... I find myself unable to walk around school with heels anymore possibly because there are so many hills! It may sound a bit clichè however I love making the cheap look chic. Mixing and matching articles of clothing valued at various price ranges makes dressing up more fun for me. 

// FOREVER 21 Jacket // MARCO SANTI Heels // REBECCA MINKOFF Bag // CHANEL Sunnies //

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  1. Loving the flared jeans, super chic!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠