SPRING BREAK has officially begun however I am sick... Unfortunately, I cannot do much since my throat is aching and my muscles are all sore (indication of the flu, no?) so I will be quarantined in my room studying for exams. Although I believe people get better much faster when they go out and immerse themselves into the community, I do need to dedicate time toward studying. I wish I had a boat so I could just go out into the middle of the ocean and study - don't you think that would be nice? 

For my first two years as an undergraduate, I would constantly dress up to school and events. My third year marked the downfall of this and come senior year I found myself looking for more comfortable clothes that I could toss on with some accessories and military boots or flats. This ensemble resembles something I would wear to school minus the heels of course... I find myself unable to walk around school with heels anymore possibly because there are so many hills! It may sound a bit clichè however I love making the cheap look chic. Mixing and matching articles of clothing valued at various price ranges makes dressing up more fun for me. 

Liquid Gold

SUBMERGED IN GOLD. The rain has finally departed Southern California! Though I love listening to rain droplets hit my window pane, it is quite a pain to drive when visibility is low. I can recall a moment when I was driving home from school and nearly died, seriously. I was turning right for the ramp which was situated above the freeway without any metal or wood railing on the sides to prevent cars from literally flying off when I began to hydroplane (whew.. so much for a run-on sentence!). Of course we all assume that we can remain calm in a situation as such however I totally freaked! My instantaneous reaction was to grab the steering wheel and violently rotate it toward the opposite side (HORRIBLE IDEA!). So I started veering toward concrete panels... I am pretty sure my pupils were dilated and my blood pressure spiked... Moral of the story: Drive with caution - especially in the rain. 

On a happier note, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by what else than outfit shots! I received this alluring necklace from iristy and I was astounded by its quality. The packaging that it came in was adorable - if you guys are following me on twitter then you saw the preview of it! The delicate details on this necklace are incredible and it is very durable. This necklace includes earrings however I have virgin ears! I have debated on whether or not to get earrings many times however it just does not suit me. No, I am not afraid of needles (trust me I am not and no, I am not a druggie). Even though I do not accessorize my ears, I do incorporate jewelry into practically all of my outfits. To purchase this exact necklace, visit IRISTY.COM. As for my skirt, my mom made it to go with this particular outfit! I believe it matches well, don't you? It was last minute but all went well!

Sunburst Adventure

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. We were experiencing such ideal weather in Southern California but of course Mother Nature teased us since is going to rain for the rest of the week. In the spirit of beautiful weather, I decided to wear one of my new dresses! I received this very bold orange burst dress courtesy of eShakti (My first collaboration with this brand can be seen HERE). If this is your first time hearing about this brand, you should check out their website. You may assume that I am merely promoting this brand since I am collaborating with them however it is not obligatory for me to have positive reviews. When I first tried on this dress, I was truly astonished at how well it fit me. Not to be cliché however, the dress fit me like a glove! When I zipped up the side zipper and walked toward the mirror, the structure and simplistic design of the dress evoked some sort of bewilderment. For those who do not know, eShakti allows its customers to customize their own dresses by choosing hip, waist and bust sizes along with height and special features such as the length of the dress and sleeves.  Anyways, to add a bit of personality to my dress, I decided to utilize two necklaces to create a belt. 

I have finals in 2 weeks so I will devote most of my time toward studying. Trying to end my final year in college strong! I am still debating on whether or not I should take summer classes to boost up my GPA. I know summer classes go by extremely fast since it is only 5 weeks however it has been a long time since I received an actual break from school. Classes are filling up rapidly so I need to make up my mind fast!