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The Giving Tree

Sunday, February 3, 2013

SHEL SILVERSTEIN'S The Giving Tree was one of my favorite children's book. Thought I would mention that since I am wearing brown and green together in this post! So the weather in Southern California could not be any more awkward than it has been this past month. Last week, I had to wear lots of layers and coats to keep warm however today was completely different - I think I would have been okay with a light cardigan, tank top, and shorts. 

At the moment, I am working on my lab report. Do you guys prefer doing things online or by hand? For this particular lab, Developmental & Cell Biology, I have to turn in reports via Sparklix - an electronic lab notebook. At first I felt a tad uneasy since I like writing things out however I actually prefer it now since I can copy results from a previous lab into my current report - makes like a bit more easier! As for my major classes, I take notes in class via iPad and paper then I go home, re-listen to lecture (yes, I am one of those nerdy people who brings in a voice recorder and records lectures), take notes on PDFs or Powerpoints, and then write more hand notes. Time consuming? Yes but I know the material inside and out. 

After I finish this report, I am off to study for my midterm in Virology and Immunology next Tuesday. Lots to do! Fingers crossed this studying pays off :D

// Susina Coat // Fiorelli Bag // Lauren Ralph Lauren Blouse // DVF Heels //

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