Emerald Green

QUICK BREAK from reality. My photos are usually taken by my mom but she is away at the moment so Jonathan took the pictures featured in this outfit post! Last week was completely unproductive, academically, since I was busy helping my mom with errands and such. As of now, I am frantically catching up with all my school related studies

My blog posts might become less frequent and I am sending out my sincerest apologies to my beloved readers. But never fear! I will update my blog within a LARGE time frame! Keep in touch with me via TWITTER and INSTAGRAM :D


MUTED TONES make me yearn for Paris even more; for some peculiar reason, I associate France with pale, muted colors. I own a number of turtle necks however, I rarely wear them due to the warm temperatures in Southern California. Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you want to view this, we have been experiencing piercing cold weather for the past week - it was actually colder here than New York City! Despite the static that results from the wind and the intolerable weather, I enjoy layering and finally being able to wear my coats! Anyways, I could not find a bag to match this outfit so I decided to accessorize with my iPad! Oh, I forgot to mention... I dropped my iPhone 5 on the ground while mini-golfing and shattered the screen... The screen protector is now peeling off and the shards of glass are flying EVERYWHERE. Sigh...

On another note, I recently received an email from Firmoo about a possible collaboration. I was a bit skeptical about this not because of the website but due to my inability to find sunglasses that "fit" my face. I always spend an enormous amount of time scavenging for sunglasses that can enhance the features of my face. Additionally, I always wanted to pull off the "nerdy" glasses however, all of the previous ones I tried on, IN STORE, made me appear cross-eyed. I wanted to test my luck so I decided to go for this pair which you can get HERE! Once I received this in the mail, I immediately ripped open the package and placed the glasses on my face. I looked in the mirror and it looked good on me, wink wink! These glasses are amazing however I do find something odd about them. I do not wear glasses or contacts so I ordered these as "fashion glasses" yet they irritate my eyes and make me feel a bit dizzy. I would only wear these for fashion posts however if you do have prescriptions, these are great! As a promotion, Firmoo is offering a "your first pair is free deal!" You only have to pay for shipping and you can get it here!

Ton Oeil Mystérieux

BACK TO SCHOOL. I was utterly miserable when I went to my first class: Developmental and Cell Biology Lab Lecture. Oh, I forgot to mention, it was at 8AM! I honestly do not remember when I had to wake up that early for class. Anyways, I am definitely glad that is my only class on Monday; I have the entire day to shadow Dr. Chen and go to research! I went to my second class today, Viral Pathology and Immunology. I actually came in late and sat in the wrong lecture! TOTAL FAIL. My class is comprised of 50 people but this lecture held around 450! I asked around and found out that my room was next door. So I scurried over there and walked in before my professor started class, phew! He ended early so I decided to stay back and get to know him - seems like a pretty cool guy! I still have one more class to "discover" - Dev and Cell Biology Lab  which is tomorrow! I cannot show up late to that or they deduct points ):

I received this collar from OASAP quite some time ago and I completely forgot about it, whoops! The button on this collar fell off probably because I kept on taking it on and off so I replaced it with my National Junior Honor Society Pin (yes, I still have pins from middle school!) Nonetheless, it would be something I would buy if I saw it at a store. The spikes on the collar make it très chic. You can purchase it:: HERE.


LET'S RING IN THE NEW YEAR with confidence and pride. Every year, I find myself making New Years Resolutions and not remembering a single one by the time February comes around. But this year is different. I have my priorities set and I have things that I must accomplish.

1. Attempt to get a 4.0 for the remainder of my time as an undergraduate at UCI
2. Spend more time at research gathering information to present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.
3. Go to office hours.
4. Finish up my requirements for Sigma Alpha Pi (The National Society of Leadership and Success).
5. Spend more time with loved ones!
6. GET FIT! I bet this falls onto many resolution lists, haha!

Anyways, I received this marvelous dress courtesy of eShakti which is an online boutique that customizes their clothes to fit your body! That's right - no more wasting time getting things altered! I believe their concept of generating clothing to perfectly match any size from 0-36W is sensational. I usually have a difficult time finding clothes that truly fit me. I fit a size 00 pants at I.N.C. but I also have a pair of Hydraulic shorts that are a size 6; yes, I am aware that those two sizes are drastically different but it is true! You guys can get your hands on this dress HERE!


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