Nostalgic Afternoon

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and/or Boxing Day! When I think about this particular holiday, I always imagine snow that would allow me to build snowmen or make snow angels, the aroma of a real pine tree sitting in the living room, kids caroling door to door with multiple layers of clothing, the thrill of making gingerbread houses/men, singing along to Christmas music on the radio, going insane trying to find gifts for everyone, kissing underneath the mistletoe and good ole St. Nick himself! Too bad most of that is just a figment of my imagination... I had to turn on the air conditioning on Christmas Day! Anyways, I wanted to visit this alluring hotel for some time and I finally made it there! The intricate details of the architecture, the infamous rotunda and ghosts (*eep!*) all add to it's unexplainable charm. When Jonathan and I arrived at the hotel, we went on a grand adventure in search for stairwells or hallways that would grant us access to certain locations. When we finally figured out how to navigate the area, there was not a single location that was dull - this place is absolutely breathtaking! Every corner you turn is another opportunity for pictures and another opportunity to gaze at the magnificent work of art. As for my outfit, I decided to wear this equally amazing lace dress from OASAP. I believe lace exemplifies lust and caution with a hint of mystery. The natural creme color of this dress exudes a sense of innocence which makes a perfect contradiction! To purchase this dress, visit: OASAP. The backdrop worked in coherence with this dress and I will definitely visit the Mission Inn again!

Cerulean O1

SLIGHT HEAT WAVE. Even though it is the middle of December, California is experiencing a slight increase in temperature! I know that Christmas is in ten days however, this year just seems different - not just due to the weather. I'm not getting the same holiday feel as I did in previous years... Maybe it's because I have quarantined myself in my room... just kidding! However, I have been dedicating the majority of my time to books as opposed to human interaction. Studying can drain a tremendous amount of energy so I try to incorporate things I enjoy such as outfit shoots, yoga, EATING, music and writing. Although I might not be sensing the same holiday thrill as others, my home does possess a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere (maybe I should share pictures)! As for this outfit, I chose to pair this simple Zara dress with a gold necklace containing a hint of cerulean blue from OASAP. I decided not to clash this dress with yellow or orange heels, as I usually would, since Autumn days call for booties! 

Pastel Delight

TRENDING :: HOUNDSTOOTH. With the impending Autumn chill, I thought I would go out a bit more to take advantage of the remaining toasty weather. For some peculiar reason, I possess an absurd obsession with the "East Coast" way of life. The picturesque landscapes, the sight of mahogany, golden yellow and burnt orange tree lined streets, the brick houses.... I could go on however, I believe the location for this outfit post encompasses a Mid-East sort of feeling, don't you think?

As for my outfit, I received this adorable houndstooth dress courtesy of PERSUNMALL. I immediately wanted to pair this dress with pearls and create a pale palette. I consider pearls as a sign of power, confidence, wealth and sophistication - whether or not they are real. This simple beaded necklace has the ability to add a touch of elegance to practically any outfit and it is eternal. Anyways, the end of 2013 is quickly approaching and I am definitely not ready for 2014. Does anyone else feel that way? I still have an enormous amount of things to accomplish before the new year rings in and I still have to do my holiday shopping! Going to work even more efficiently now! Hope everyone is having an amazing and safe December!

Free People x Bloomingdales x Adrienne !

A TRIP TO NEW YORK along with a photo shoot for... wait for it... BLOOMINGDALE'S?!?! That's right. In early September, I was fortunate enough to fly to New York and participate in what I would call a once in a life time opportunity. I flew in the day before the shoot and I quickly adapted to the time zone - no jet lag ensued! I went around exploring SoHo and absorbing the culture at night. Most of the restaurants in New York are open late however, they were jam packed so I resorted to room service! The following morning was my shoot and it was far different from my typical outfit shoot for a blog post. As I stepped into Splashlight Studios, I was greeted by numerous people just roaming the halls. I must admit, I was completely intimidated when I first walked in. The studio was already set up, the clothes were being steamed and makeup products littered the table. I began talking to my fellow model, Britt, and I found myself easing into conversations with my hairstylist and makeup artist. Before I knew it, the show was starting. Britt went first so I could analyze the "how to's" of modeling - she makes every aspect of modeling seem effortless. As she wrapped up her last few pictures for her first outfit, it was my turn to change into my Free People clothes * As a side note, I am a huge fan of Free People and I personally own a good amount of their garments! * When I walked into the changing room, I was accompanied by 2-3 stylists. Who piled jewelry onto me and clipped my clothes... each article of clothing was a bit too big for me. As I made my way out for my first shot, I walked ever so shyly pass the photographer and creative directors. When I got to the "X" and turned around, I saw an incredibly large amount of people in the room. Of course I was "O.O" but I tried to play it cool, haha. My range of movement was very limited since I had to remain in a certain area for the best lighting so I was moving left to right and back again. I caught on very fast and I was having lots of fun especially with Lana Del Rey music in the background! By the end of the shoot, all I could see were bright lights and I had incredibly dry eyes since the fan was blowing into my eyes however, I made some incredible connections and I will never forget the people I shared that day with.

Though it was a very, VERY short trip, I was honored to be part of the Bloomingdale's family for a day. The people I interacted with at the shoot were incredibly genuine and insightful - completely different from the people I deal on a day to day basis but that's a good thing. Medicine and fashion are on two opposite poles so it felt nice to escape my reality for a few days. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

TWINKLING STAR on my finger. I received this cubic zirconia ring from Berricle a few days ago and I was astonished. Unlike other cubic zirconia rings that possess an opaque tint, this ring is able to refract light and produce that blinding rainbow pattern (similar to an authentic diamond ring) from every angle. I must admit that when I first viewed their website, I was afraid that the rings might not appear genuine. However, the ring Berricle generously gifted me, as seen below, disproves my primary assumption. Not only does it look like a "real" diamond ring but the price for this gem is absurdly low. Any recessionista or luxury fashion enthusiast can purchase this ring without putting an enormous dent in their bank account. Visit Berricle's website HERE to view their products.  

As for my outfit, I decided to pair this ring with a simple black dress. I love the leather trim and bows along with the drop waist (channeling a modern 1920's Gatsby vibe!). I chose to pair this dress with these COACH heels to maintain a classic yet sophisticated look. However, I could not resist adding a pop of color with my teal cat-eyed sunglasses. Have a nice weekend!


PATTERN OF THE SEASON :: TARTAN. This criss -cross pattern of alternating band size seems to endure the test of time. It is extremely versatile in the sense that anyone can pull off this plaid pattern from those who love the 90's grunge trend to girls in their school uniforms. These Oxblood Tartan pants from ZARA exude a sense of rebellion while maintaining a touch of sophistication. To balance this look, I decided to wear leather boots from MICHAEL KORS to add a bit of "tough girl" personality and I topped off this ensemble with a conservative short sleeved turtle-neck with a statement necklace from OASAP. The majority of my necklaces are gold however, I knew I had to have this necklace in my possession the moment I saw it. The overall appearance and intricate details are amazing - I believe these sorts of necklaces will never become a thing of the past. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my post and your weekend!


ON THE RUN in an attempt to make it to work promptly. My tendency to arrive "fashionably-late" to practically everything developed during my freshman year in high school. Although I am altering certain things to make myself punctual, choosing my attire drains a significant amount of time. I can clearly recall the time when I was able to sit down, enjoy my breakfast and watch the morning news. But then again, I did not wear any makeup or care about the appearance of my hair. I started wearing makeup in college and I am still trying to find something appropriate and suitable for my face. There is so much on the market yet these products serve the same purpose... I will find the right look within time... Aside from that, I received this impeccable dress courtesy of OASAP a few days ago. Let's just say that the details and quality of the dress surprised me - this is something I could see at a high end department store. The colors appear true to what is advertised online and the stitching is exceptionally good. Click HERE to purchase. 

Woven Ties

SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEF that I should begin telling my story through text and photographs on my blog. I was once accustomed to documenting every miniscule detail of my life in countless journals until I began college. Though I had many reasons that led to the termination of jotting my daily thoughts onto paper, I suddenly feel the urge to write again...When I began pursuing undergraduate courses, I lost sight of myself. I entered believing that I had to omit certain passions to do well, to push aside previous hobbies to make room for medically related activities, to commit every single day to the "art" of studying and burying myself in textbooks. But I was wrong. Enjoying yourself and your time is a crucial component toward succeeding in life. Yes, I did maintain my blog throughout college but this creative outlet wasn't enough for me. Before I even had the notion of what personal style or fashion blogging was, I was genuinely engrossed by the craft of photography. My amateur photographs rendered me some devoted fans on my deviantart account and I looked forward to each day since it was an occasion for me to experiment. However, my affection for photography seemed to vanish within the summer. As a recent college graduate, who is studying for the biggest exam of my life, thus far, I will be reigniting my previous passions. Why would I do such a thing at a time like this? Simple. I need to enjoy life to not lose focus on my goals. Although I will devote a tremendous amount of time toward my studies, I also need to do things I enjoy. Expect more rambles such as this and be on the lookout for my photography in posts to come.

London Calling

 ROYAL STAMPS dress courtesy of Persun which can be purchased HERE. For those of you who have been following my blog, you might have noticed that I am incredibly fond of the retro 70's look. The bright color scheme evokes a sense of optimism and exhilaration... possibly similar to something a person on LSD might experience? Haha, I wouldn't know. Anyways, this simple dress encompasses many things I adore from bright colors to vintage stamps with a British theme. I chose to accessorize by stacking numerous colored bracelets on my arm however I did not wear a necklace to keep the focus on my dress. To finish off my look, I wore nude colored sandals to give the illusion of added height.

Flower Bomb

 TRANSITIONING TO AUTUMN WEATHER which means the holiday season is looming amongst us. Pumpkins of all shapes and colors, potpourri pine-cones emitting a spicy cinnamon aroma, foiled chocolate bars and scarecrows producing their best grin can be found in every market. The thrill of finding or creating the perfect costume to impersonate someone, or thing, you love or aspire to be is enticing. Going door to door and receiving chocolate or candy fills every void in the hearts of children. Oh, how I miss being a kid. But how times have just doesn't feel the same as it did 10 years ago. The magic and allure of the wicked holiday has completely vanished and has been replaced with greedy teenagers in skanky costumes (though not all, of course). Do you guys still dress up or have any continuing Halloween traditions? 

As for this outfit, I wanted to wear this dress before the crisp, fall weather came in full swing. Even though this dress is pretty in itself, I wanted to add accessories. I paired this dress with a golden necklace to enhance the collar and draw attention to the white piping on the dress. I also added an emerald necklace to give my outfit a little something extra. Additionally, I decided to wear my heart shaped clutch again and I believe it matches well with this outfit! Hope you like it!

Autumn Gloom

SOMBER OCTOBER BREEZE dissipating over Orange County. Even though Autumn recently began, this cold air is moving over Southern California rapidly. Afternoons are still terribly humid however, coats are definitely a must for evening outings or classes. I forgot my cardigan in the car a few nights ago so when I left class to head toward my car, every step I took produced a shiver up my spine as I faced the piercing cold in a sleeveless dress... yay! Autumn brings about my favorite weather which is perfect for dressing up! I love gloomy, rainy days and it feels more magical with the holiday season around the corner! Anyways, Jonathan and I decided to go to Balboa Island and we took a few quick outfit shots with this colorblock Tahari coat. Oh, I just casually jump onto vespa's belonging to other people without their permission for the sake of blogging - just kidding it belonged to a local food mart. I'm not that rebellious, haha.

Tres Chic

SUMMER'S DENOUEMENT caused a sudden rush of cold air which left a lingering chill. The last day of Summer was quite gloomy and it welcomed Autumn with dark skies and sprinkles. Although the departure of California's toasty heat occurred rapidly, sweater weather is now here! I prefer Autumn as opposed to Summer because I can finally wear layers and coats! Besides, I will no longer feel like I am melting every time I step outside! Anyways, I recently purchased this sweater from Forever 21 and my mom beaded the words Tres Chic for me! I decided to pair this outfit with a studded cross-body bag from Michael Kors. This would be my ideal back to school outfit... yes, including the heels since they are awkwardly comfortable! For those who have yet to see my article about the re-branding of my blog, read it HERE. Hope you guys like the new look of my blog and this outfit!


THERE COMES A TIME  where major changes must occur. After much thought, I have decided to completely change the name of my blog. Although I admire the current name of my blog, which translates to my latest addiction, it is difficult for many people, especially my American readers, to pronounce. I want people to be able to remember the name of my blog and actually be able to say it in its entirety. Therefore, the new name of my personal style diary is: invictus.

INVICTUS is latin for undefeated and unconquerable. Life creates many obstacles that may seem impossible to achieve and sometimes you'll fall down. You may struggle with things that seem effortless to others but you cannot give up. Be determined to get back up and do not let anyone stand in the way of your path toward success. Be passionate about your desires whether its academics, career, life or love. Strive to be better than the person you see in the mirror at this moment. Never, ever admit defeat.

New York State of Mind :: Part 1

THE UNEXPLAINABLE CHARM of New York City has an enormous hold over me. Immersing myself into the culture, people and stores gave me better insight toward the fast paced life in the city. For those who have been reading my blog, I went to New York in collaboration with Bloomingdales x Free People and it was an unforgettable experience. I do not have all the pictures yet but I will post them and tell you guys all about the shoot when they are in my possession! Anyways, I spent the rest of the afternoon and the next morning exploring the Big Apple and in my opinion, New York definitely lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, the humidity made the heat unbearable - nothing I have ever experienced in California!

For my 2 nights and 2 days in New York, I stayed at The James in SoHo. It is one of the newer hotels and it's pretty neat though I must say the atmosphere of the concierge area is a bit depressing. However, the view from the Jimmy on the rooftop was spectacular (first picture). For my expedition, I visited Washington Square Park and then I ventured to the Flatiron Building. I walked pass Flatiron and did not realize I was already at my destination until I turned around! It's unique design held my attention so I did the typical touristy thing and I took a bunch of pictures. When I got back to the hotel, I did some quick research and found that Robert Hooper's Nighthawks replica can be seen at the prow of Flatiron. So the next morning, I went back to Flatiron and was able to capture a picture of it! I then made my way to Times Square and a large amount of tourists were walking around with maps in their hands. I believe it would be better to explore the city when it is cooler... it was way to hot to enjoy the city in its entirety. Most of the buildings in New York have some sort of construction occurring above so random water drops might hit you...ew!!! Also, a plethora of people smoke and some of the streets reek from mysterious odors! Since I was already in the area, I decided to visit my final landmark, New York Public Library. I bet the Marchesa fashion show, which was situated in the library, was breathtaking. It is the prettiest library I have ever seen - made me feel like I was in Hogwarts! Hope you guys enjoy my pictures!

Golden Hour

JET-LAGGED.  If you guys have been keeping up with my blog, instagram and/or twitter, then you already know that I took a mini trip to the BIG APPLE! I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity Bloomingdales gave me and I will never forget the people I met however, I will tell you guys much more about my experience in an upcoming post with pictures! As for this outfit, I received this gorgeous dress courtesy of OASAP before my NYC trip. This dress is perfect for hot and humid days in both California or New York. It comes fully lined so no need for a slip and I could see myself wearing this out to lunch, to school (with wedges or flats, of course) or even to a casual party. I found it easy to accessorize this outfit and you guys can purchase it HERE!

Shades of Blue

DAY IN DANA POINT.  Jonathan and I decided to go out and find the elephants scattered around Dana Point - no, not real elephants, I wish! Anyways, we were able to find a few of the elephant statues but we drove passed numerous statues without realizing it since we didn't use the map. They were a delightful sight and there was one that was extremely peculiar. I don't know how many of you have seen the skittles commercial where the girl contracts, what I like to call, "skittles pox" from a boy since she pulls a skittle off his face and eats it...Whew, talk about a run on sentence. Anyways, there was an elephant that looked like it had a serious case of skittles pox (it is the last picture on this post!).

Exciting news alert! Remember when I said I had some news to share with you guys? Well here it is! Everything has been finalized and I will be going to New York in collaboration with Bloomingdales x Free People!! I will be documenting most of my trip on my other social media sites: INSTAGRAM and TWITTER [Let's stay connected!!]. I cannot wait to share my adventure with you guys! Some of you may have already seen this alert in a previous post however, my laptop glitched and that post was deleted.

Creme Puff

SCHOOL'S IN SESSION.  It is time to gather all your energy and force yourself to wake up early in the morning to attend class - such a lovely feeling, isn't it? Well, this is a typical outfit I would wear to class, minus the platforms of course! Since the humidity in California does not appear to be disappearing anytime soon, this outfit is ideal for those of you who have classes all day long. A backpack would appear a tad bit awkward with this outfit so I paired this with a messenger bag from Fiorelli. I am not a fan of crossing bags over my body so I usually raise the strap and loop it into a tight knot. For a simple summer look, I decided to match the bright color scheme of my skirt to my cardigan - the colors actually match prefectly! Anyways, I was debating on whether or not I should continue adding my titles in my pictures. Do you guys like it?

A Midsummer Night's Dream

BOHEMIAN ALLURE!  As Summer reaches its' conclusion, I wanted to take advantage of California's last bout of humid weather. Whenever I think of California, I conjure up images of palm trees swaying in the wind, watching sunsets on the beach with a live bonfire, taking a road trip through the desert in a convertible.... the list goes on. However, I also associate California with bohemian-like clothing. I can imagine a close group of girls dancing in a vast field at sunset in lace maxi dresses with feathers in their hair... but then again, that's just me, haha. So that thought inspired this look. Even though I am not in a maxi dress, I decided to pair this lace top with wide-legged pants from Forever 21. To give this ensemble a little something extra, I decided to take an old necklace from Limited Too and turn it into a headpiece. As for the news I have to share with you guys, I, unfortunately, have to make you guys wait a tiny bit more as things are being finalized!

Jailhouse Rock

ASTONISHED! I have some exciting news I cannot wait to share with you guys! I am not obliged to keep it a secret however, I am choosing to wait until everything is finalized. As for this outfit, I decided to FINALLY wear my Prabal Gurung for Target heels. I scurried to a nearby Target on the release day to get my hands on these babies before they ran out of my size. I honestly forgot about them but as I was searching through some belts and trinkets, I found these still wrapped in the original box! I must say that they're extremely comfortable (hooray!). I do not usually clash prints but I believe that this top works well with my heels, don't you think? This top was a total score at TJ Maxx!

Cherry Blossom

CALM BREEZE in August. It is gradually getter colder in the afternoon and I cannot believe Summer is almost over! I used to grieve over the end of Summer however, I am now studying independently and working. I was debating on whether or not I should take more classes to be a more competitive candidate but that can wait until later. Anyways, grades from my summer class recently came out and I am extremely satisfied! As of now, I am reading numerous health related/medical blogs and following many on Twitter to obtain inspiration. I am constantly checking statistics of graduate schools and the competition in California is preposterous. So many questions are looming in my mind... such as: Where should I apply? Do I have the right experiences? How can I show my leadership abilities? What quality does each medical school look for in an applicant? The list goes on... but first? What will become of my blog? Don't worry! I have lots of posts that are waiting to be published!

Onward to this outfit. I immediately fell in love with this dress when I saw it HERE so I had to have it! However, I must say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to drive in. Unless you have someone else driving you around, I suggest you do something else to it... which is exactly what I did. The last picture demonstrates what the unaltered dress looks like. The sleeves are pretty long and I have this constant fear that if I sit down without scrunching the dress up, it will RIP. So to make driving and maneuvering around easier, I decided to use the two sleeves to form a bow that sits at the waist. Creative, huh? Haha. Hope you enjoy my pictures in this post!


DAYTIME ALLURE on my post after my final! For those of you who are following me on Twitter, you already know that I took my last Undergraduate final on Tuesday - I can finally relax! Anyways, I finally renewed my TB shot that was long overdue! Time to start shadowing and volunteering again! As for this outfit, Jonathan and I decided to take some quick pictures. I have only worn the dress, featured in this post, once for Baccalaureate in high school. It was a special occasion that demanded something more so a chardonnay colored bow was added; focusing on minute details and adding accessories can sure change your outfit! I would consider this as one of my more casual dresses however, it can definitely be worn to a party. I am quite petite so I decided to pair this dress with a pair of pale salmon platforms to elongate my legs!

Shades of Grey

ROMAN NUMERALS on the tungsten ring I recieved c/o of Modern Design. The packaging I recieved for this ring reminded me of Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian dolls, since it was placed in numerous envelopes and boxes (I posted a picture on my twitter!). Although the tungsten rings featured on their site seem as if they are only fit for males, I believe these rings can also be worn by women. The simplicity of the design demands attention while screaming out power and confidence. The ring itself, is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable - I already dropped it numerous times and it has yet to show any visible scratches! I would definitely recommend this ring, or rather this company, Modern Design, to anyone looking for masculine rings or androgynous jewelry to spruce up their personal style. Anyways, I have one more class before finals and then I will be officially DONE with my undergraduate career! Finally, a real summer break... 

Denim Affair

BEACH WEATHER. It was a beautiful day in Southern California so I decided to go out with Jonathan. Our intention was to go to Griffith Observatory (did any of you guys see the supermoon!?) however, the 405 was horrible so we took a detour to Long Beach. We went to the Queen Mary and there was a dog show! Anyways, I wanted to go on the spirit tour but its only on certain days at midnight! I have read stories about people encountering peculiar things on board... I wonder if any of those are true! Yes, I do believe in ghosts and such, I have had my own personal encounters. Anyways, I never had a chance to share this black beaded bracelet with you guys! I received it from Iristy some time ago and delicate details are impeccable!


Tropical Sorbet

SUMMER DAYS call for bright, bold colors in heat defying materials (Hah - I wish someone could invent some sort of fabric like that)! I received this Floral Blouse from PERSUN, a global online store. A majority of clothes I purchased this year have some sort of floral print on them so I was ecstatic when I received this shirt - an undershirt is also included! When I first tried on this blouse, I paired it with distressed denim however, it just did not feel right. So I scavenged my closet for a skirt that matched. Unfortunately, nothing did so my mom made this circle skirt for me! To keep the bright color scheme, I decided to pair this outfit with orange sunnies, an orange belt and a coral satchel. I did not want to go overboard with colors so I chose to wear nude sandal heels. As a side note, check out DASANI!

As for life, I finished two weeks of school - three more weeks to go! We have a quiz at the beginning of each lecture and it counts for 60% of our grade so I will have to study again soon! Anyways, I hope my fellow Americans enjoyed Independence Day!


Candy Shop


PSYCHEDELIC ALLURE. My summer is officially over... Although I am only taking one class this summer, I will be hard at work at research for the rest of the year. For those of you who are following me on Twitter and Instagram, you already know that I presented my research at the Undergraduate Symposium. My mentor and I would like to publish my material in a medical journal so I will be updating my data as much as I can... It would be pretty awesome to see my name in a journal with all my research. Since I graduated, I am no longer a BIO 199 researcher however, I UPGRADED to a junior specialist! As of now, I am taking it easy. It has been quite some time since I actually had a summer vacation. Anyways, the weather is perfect in California and I cannot wait to share more outfit posts with you guys! Thanks for all your support thus far!


Leather & Lace

SUMMER.  If you guys saw my last post or tweets, then you already know that I graduated with a B.S. in Biological Sciences last Sunday! Although I participated in the graduation ceremony, I will be taking one more class this summer which starts on Monday, the 24th. After this class, I will be officially done with my undergraduate career. So what's next? I am taking some time off to improve my resume for graduate school. For the remainder of this year and next, I will devote an enormous amount of time to research and starting personal endeavors. Fortunately, I already found a job as a junior specialist and I will continue volunteering through various organizations.

For those of you who do not have plans on attending a health related graduate school (medical, pharmacy, dental, etc.), all I can say is that it is extremely competitive. GPA's must be high (above 3.5 GPA ) and clinical/research/volunteer experiences are crucial to the application. Personal statements, letters of recommendations, lists of activities, and manually typing in my coursework along with my grades... it's going to be fun. If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll be asked to complete and secondary/supplemental application. Hooray to more essays - I love writing so YAY! Then comes interviews. For those who do not know, potential students have to fly to interviews. Sounds fun but it is definitely nerve racking. There was this guy in my class who applied to 31 schools, got only 1 interview and was not accepted. He had an amazing GPA and scores too! Hopefully I stick out to some  schools when I apply! Fingers crossed!

Anyways, I received the perfect summer top c/o OASAP which can be purchased HERE. Instead of pairing this with a skirt, as I usually would, I decided to match this with leather quilted shorts. This top was a bit long for me, I am 5'3, so I had to tuck it in lest have it appear as if I am wearing a dress. The outfit seen here is simple and can be worn out with friends or to a casual party!


Graduation | Biological Sciences

16th of JUNE, 2013. 922 students, including myself, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine. Four years went by rapidly. I can still recall my first class at UCI, Bio 93: DNA to Organisms, with Professor O'Dowd and Professor Warrior. The lecture hall was intimidating since there were over 400 students per class and contacting the professors outside of class seemed impossible. The fun thing about big classes is that you will meet someone new each session. After Organic Chemistry, the classes gradually became smaller and by senior year, the classes I took had 35 students enrolled (at most 100). For those who do not know, the saying amongst Biology students is: If you can't survive Organic Chemistry, you won't make it as a Biology Major. It's the harsh truth. Anyways, if I could repeat my college education, I would definitely enroll in more smaller classes as opposed to larger ones. Speaking from experience, I acquired much more knowledge and I got to know my professors personally. Do I have any regrets? Sure I do. I wish I put more time toward my studies however, the one thing I I truly regret is the lack of "life" I had in college. Yes, I did do many things outside of school... I WAS NOT that crazy nerd you always see in the corner of the library. Just wish I enjoyed my time in college a bit more.

Graduation marks the beginning of my journey, not the end. I am anxious and excited about what the future has in store for me.