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I overcame the flu and now I have to start studying for finals ):
My nose is still dry and cracked but it is slowly getting better. 

Anyways, I will be getting my braces removed on March 30th -the Friday of my Spring Break! I am actually going to miss having my braces on... They have been with me for almost three years!I remember that my braces felt really weird the first day I had them on since it made my lips bulge out that a fish (still does, haha). 


In For The Kill (SKREAM REMIX) - La Roux
I prefer this version over the original and the Skillerx Remix. This version is slower and not as upbeat as the other versions but this is the kind of music I love. 

// Chanel Sunglasses // Kooba Bag // Elie Tahari Boots //

1. Versace Bright Crystal
2. Chloe 
3. Diane von Furstenberg- Diane 
4. Bottega Veneta
5. Givenchy Dahlia Noir
6. Cartier Basier Vole

The Innocent Slit

I caught the flu!  ):
  I have already gone through a box of Puffs and I keep getting chills...
Surprisingly, Theraflu has failed to put me to sleep- good thing! I am usually out within an hour of drinking it since it makes me drowsy but this time, I WIN!

I wanted to get my TB shot this week but I do not want my illness to affect the results of the test so I have to go next week...Furthermore, I will be signing up for classes next week! I cannot believe this quarter is almost over...

This black maxi dress is extremely comfortable! Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I walk fast (I pretty much brisk walk everywhere). Sometimes I take huge steps so the added slit on the left side of this dress gives me enough leg room to leap! I wore this on Saturday, right before I caught the flu ):


I Don't Think About You Anymore but, I Don't Think About You Any Less- Hungry Ghosts
Sounds a bit dark and gypsy like but it's very intriguing!  

// Kooba Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Seychelles Heels // Betsey Johnson Bracelet //

I was debating on whether or not to purchase these pants from Zara. They're lightweight and perfect for Spring but I have no idea when I would actually wear it. I would love to wear it to school but then I would need to pair it with heels and walking around UCI with heels would leave my feet in utter pain... Maybe I could wear it during Spring Break? (:

Lunar New Year

These pictures were taken during Lunar New Year but I forgot to post this up! 

I was super busy yesterday so I was unable to snap pictures of my outfit...Anyways I only had Physics yesterday since my Cell Biology class was cancelled. Afterwards, I went home and tried to figure out my schedule for next quarter. Time zoomed by and my boyfriend drove me to an interview for Music To Heal at the UCI Medical Center. It seems like an amazing program and I would love to play my violin for patients, staff and family members in the hospital! I just need 1 more TB test before I can start !! I really cannot wait to pick up my violin again; I MISS IT! I then went to a research meeting across the street...After the meeting was over, my boyfriend and I "went out to eat." It was a complete fail...better luck next time!

As for today, my mom and I bought a new refrigerator! It's time to say goodbye to our current fridge since it is no longer working properly. Before we went home, we made a detour to Zara and honestly, who can step out of that store empty handed?! My mom and I keep on telling ourselves to not spend any more money on clothes so we can save and use the money for the future (grad school applications, courses, flying to interviews, etc.) however, shopping is just irresistible! We're shopaholics! 

My Valentine- Paul McCartney
My new favorite song!!!!!

// BCBG Max Azria Dress // Seychelles Wedges // Kooba Bag // Chanel Sunglasses // Material Girl Necklace // Bracelet from Nordstrom // Ring from 3rd grade! // Hair tie from Korea //

A Beef Jerky shop during Lunar New Year! Too bad I couldn't eat anything ):

Isn't this just a funky looking fruit? It's called Buddha's hand.

An Ao Dai shop! It's the traditional dress for Vietnamese women!

// Modern Classicist

The weekend after midterms... I thought I would be sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday but I actually woke up extremely early on both days! I am a bit anxious over grades. I really want a 4.0 this quarter so I will have to work and study extra hard for the final! 

I volunteered with the Recuperative Program today and it was a bit of a fail for me. Three of the patients I went to see were either sleeping or not in their room. However, I was able to see one patient with another group! The fellow students in the program are incredibly nice and it's always fun to find out that you have classes with each other! Unfortunately, the medical specialist positions for the rest of the quarter are completely filled- the only open spots are for newbies! Better luck next quarter! Speaking of next quarter, schedule of classes are now available online and I already have a rough draft of what I want to take. For Physics 3C, I have a choice of my professor from 1st quarter or this quarter. In addition to that, I will be taking Physics 3B Lab- I was wait listing that class this quarter and I dropped it before the drop deadline since I did not attend any of the labs! Furthermore, I will be taking a Biology class but I am debating on which one(s) I should take... 



I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

// Zara Top plus DIY orange trim on sleeve // DIY Pencil Skirt // Diane Von Furstenburg Black Calf Rhiannon Block Heels // Z Spoke Zac Posen "Zac Sac" Satchel // Betsey Johnson Floral Necklace // Chanel Sunglasses // Bracelet from Macy's //

Photo from Google Images. 

Valentine's Day is approaching!



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