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Dark Knight

Saturday, December 15, 2012

WINTER BREAK is finally in full swing! I suffered from an intolerable cold yesterday since I was out in the rain all day in shorts, a thin cape, and a tank top - I figured that it wouldn't rain but Mother Nature decided to put her wrath against me. However, after being under covers and being forced to take medicine, (I usually let things take their own natural course but my mom made me take medication since I sneezed over 20 times consecutively!) I am 100% better! Anyways, I received this dress courtesy of Sugarlips about two weeks ago and I finally had the opportunity to go out and take pictures! I was definitely surprised at the quality of the fabric and design. I thought it would be a typical dress you see at Forever 21 but I underestimated it. You can purchase it HERE.

// Sugarlips Dress: Purchase HERE // Diane von Furstenburg Heels // Chanel Sunnies // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Milly Cape //

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  1. That is the perfect Holiday party outfit! Black and gold are always classic, yet the cut of of your dress and the sunglasses make it more chic and contemporary. Love it!

  2. Wow that dress definitely has structure (which is something you can almost never say about F21.) It looks great on you, especially with the gold accessories.

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  3. wow that dress is spectacular! Love your shades too!

  4. wow i love your dress!!


  5. you are amazing, love your style, you look like very pretty with this dress!

  6. Love your dress and the detail is fantastic on the back*

    Just love it*

    Kisses :)