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The Golden Butterfly

Monday, September 3, 2012

BUTTERFLY SILHOUETTES AT DUSK. I finally received my necklace from OASAP after 2 weeks from my order and it looks amazing! I believe it can make any outfit look "high fashion." Though I must say I was quite frustrated with the magnet that locks it in place. Underneath the body of the butterfly lies a magnet that connects the wings together. However, the magnet fails to keep the necklace in tact. My mom had to stop and tell me that my necklace was unhinged so many times during this particular photo shoot. This isn't the sort of necklace I would wear to any important event lest become irritated by the fact that the necklace clasp won't hold it together. On the other hand, it's gorgeous and it WOULD BE something I would wear out to lunch or anything that doesn't require a lot of upper body movement! You can purchase this necklace HERE.

Anyways, I am officially done with Summer Session! Therefore, I will be attending Fashion's Night Out and possibly some other events at Fashion Island during Style Week OC 2012!

// OASAP necklace: purchase HERE // Nordstrom Bracelets // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Chanel Sunglasses // Marco Santi Platforms // 

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